Wednesday, January 08, 2014

my little one hundred year old

this sweet little lad of mine is killing it in kindergarten this year. i shall not tell a lie,
it makes me mother heart sing. and although i am totally a signed-up-for-PTA-but-am-totally-a-non-participatory-PTA-member
i super love to make sure Atticus participates in all the activities, dress-ups, book orders, fun run, craft projects, treat days, etc. etc. so...
i was at walmart at midnight last night because so help me, this one hundred year old man
was not going to school without suspenders, dang it!

and here he is
one hundred years old
for the one hundreth day of school
 photo IMG_3391_zps1b77bae1.jpg

i love you old man
and i love that you are still young and innocent enough
to not feel silly even when your mom dresses you up silly for school
never change, k?

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