Sunday, May 11, 2014

i am a mom

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my children refuse to take nice pictures with me on mother's day
i sleep less than i did in college
i make food all day long that my kids don't eat
i clean and clean and clean and my house is still messy
i consider myself lucky when one third of my children
have brushed their teeth before church

i have humans on me all the time
i wipe far more buns each day than should be legal
i take hundreds of pictures because i don't want to forget a single detail
i paint and color and draw and read and clean ear wax out of six ears that aren't my own
my house smells like pee and i kind of just don't care sometimes
there is more food in my car than there is in my pantry
 my kids prefer to be nakey buns and barefoot most of the time
and i've decided that's not a battle worth fighting

i can't even stand how cute it is that kennedy runs everywhere and inevitably skip-hops along the way
i can't even stand how my heart melts when atticus comes home with pictures and stories he's drawn of our family
and i can't even stand how excited beck gets when he tells me stories that go on forever
my heart breaks with tenderness
and i can't even stand it

i am a lucky mom
and this is the hardest thing i've ever done

happy mother's day to all the women in the world who have ever sacrificed anything for another human being.
whether you have children or not - you are a giver and a caretaker and a mom
and we've got to stick together

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