Wednesday, May 21, 2014

the preschool graduate
and his ever present sidekick sister
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we went to becky's (yes, the dear child has acquired the nickname becky and i love it. it's totally him. like in a cool way.) preschool graduation last week and it was pretty much the cutest thing since atticus' preschool graduation last year. my most favorite part, besides the moment when beck marched like a robot going 50 miles an hour to go up and recieve his hard earned diploma, was when they also gave him the additional award for being the sweetest friend to everyone in class. every parent wants to hear this about their child, am i right? sweet becky. i'm so glad you're being sweet even when i'm not around nagging you to be sweet.
apparently i can stop my nagging.

we took some family selfies whilst we awaited the commencement exercises

 photo IMG_1194-2_zpsbfb7de44.jpg

 photo IMG_1192-2_zps52ad291c.jpg

and kennedy was sure to freshen her lip gloss
and then equally sure that i took a picture of it

 photo IMG_1190-2_zps9e30b556.jpg

it was a sweet moment for our little beck and we are so proud of him
preschool was so good for him this year and even tho it's tough to watch it happen
he is slowly but surely building his own little life and experiences outside of our family
it's a little bit of a tear jerker
but mostly happy

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oh yes, and then off to the splash pad for celebrations

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i love you sweet becky
this is only the beginning


Friday, May 16, 2014

i love my camera

but i love beck more
and even though i cringed and gasped while he took pictures
i had to let go and let him learn
because he asked
this sweet boy
there may be no sweeter soul in the world

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future photographer
future model

 photo IMG_1134_zpsf07d6ee1.jpg

 photo IMG_1137_zpsef6778d5.jpg

 photo IMG_1140_zps12346207.jpg

 photo IMG_1143_zps8cfc2808.jpg

and a few of his shots
life through beck's eyes

 photo IMG_3296_zps7decb347.jpg

 photo IMG_3314_zps2e685780.jpg

little sister was his most common subject

 photo IMG_3267_zps823e8c71.jpg

peek-a-boo baby

 photo IMG_3268_zpsc990f345.jpg
and the very best for last

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

i am a mom

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my children refuse to take nice pictures with me on mother's day
i sleep less than i did in college
i make food all day long that my kids don't eat
i clean and clean and clean and my house is still messy
i consider myself lucky when one third of my children
have brushed their teeth before church

i have humans on me all the time
i wipe far more buns each day than should be legal
i take hundreds of pictures because i don't want to forget a single detail
i paint and color and draw and read and clean ear wax out of six ears that aren't my own
my house smells like pee and i kind of just don't care sometimes
there is more food in my car than there is in my pantry
 my kids prefer to be nakey buns and barefoot most of the time
and i've decided that's not a battle worth fighting

i can't even stand how cute it is that kennedy runs everywhere and inevitably skip-hops along the way
i can't even stand how my heart melts when atticus comes home with pictures and stories he's drawn of our family
and i can't even stand how excited beck gets when he tells me stories that go on forever
my heart breaks with tenderness
and i can't even stand it

i am a lucky mom
and this is the hardest thing i've ever done

happy mother's day to all the women in the world who have ever sacrificed anything for another human being.
whether you have children or not - you are a giver and a caretaker and a mom
and we've got to stick together

Friday, May 02, 2014