Saturday, March 22, 2014

the madness
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so we've kind of accidentally inadvertently but also really happily started a yearly mccoy tradition of hosting march madness. anyone who knows a mccoy (ok let's be honest - a natural-born mccoy) also knows that this is a B-A-S-K-E-T-B-A-L-L family and march is the month of all months. so is being with family and eating lots of food. and this year had an extra bonus - mom and dad mccoy had just recently gotten home from their mission - so 36 of the 44 mccoy family members (including all the natural-borns) made it to town for a spontaneous march madness PLUS family reunion weekend. and just when you thought the madness weekend could not get any madder,
it gone done did get madder still. until only madness prevailed.

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sadly i was horrible at taking pictures through out the weekend
but luckily when erin requested a recent picture of our family
and i replied that a recent picture of our family simply does not exist
she took one
and now one exists

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it was extra magical that the newest member of the mccoy family - sweet sophie - received her baby blessing while we were all together.
and if you'll bare with me for a moment of blogging tenderness, it really was a sweet experience for all of us and i'm humbled and grateful it happened in my home

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on another note, this also happened

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so did this

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and much other madness occurred but like i said
i took about zero photos so we'll have to commit to memory
all the glory of another successful march madness going down in history
the end

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

she's at it again

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can we talk about that time two days ago when this littlest miss went missing for fifteen minutes in sam's club and all the employees were notified on their radios to search for the 2 year old in the pink dress and don't let anyone leave the store lest they kidnap the 2 year old in a pink dress and how i search every! single! aisle! until at last Carmen The Sam's Club Employee found her - tucked between boxes, on the candy aisle, clutching this enormous bag of m&m's to her little heart like her life depended on it?

and first how i had a heart attack?
and then how i bought her that enormous bag of m&m's?
that's called rewarding bad behavior

mother of the year

Saturday, March 08, 2014

derelique turns 35

this young lad has finally caught up to me in years
and we danced with the jabbawockeez to celebrate that fact
i mean for reals - we got upgraded to front row and pulled on stage to dance
it was pretty much the most excited event in the combined 70 years of our lives

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oh yeah
and there was german chocolate cake too

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and a fire hazard's worth of candles

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and it was spectacular

happy 35th year derelique
may you dance until your 70
and take up lawn bowling thereafter


Friday, March 07, 2014

the sheriff

because remember how i don't like to miss dress up days?

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