Friday, February 14, 2014

the littlest loves in my life

so i am fully aware of the ridiculousness of
a) taking pictures of this little display, and even moreso
b) posting said pictures here

but whateves

my mom has always been great at creating childhood magic by giving and/or sending a little somethin for each holiday.
so as this is reminiscent of my own childhood, and something i want to always do for my kids, i'm recording my efforts here.
 my mom also sent fun holiday care packages to us kids when we were out of the country serving as missionaries for the LDS church.
and even now she sends custom made cards to each of the grandkids every holiday
and to all of us for each birthday with money inside. i mean, snail mail!?!?
now that's childhood magic, people!

so although darek laughed at me,
i shopped and then displayed the goods on the eve of valentine's whilst my kids slumbered
so that the wee cheribs would awake and feel the love all the live long day

oh and also in regards to ridiculousness
c) i didn't even get pics of my kids with the goods
just the goods
mom fail

moving on
the goods
ps ~ my mom's snail mail cards are included

 photo IMG_3573_zpsf6d1d1e0.jpg


 photo IMG_3575_zps5d22b1d2.jpg


 photo IMG_3576_zps6eae5627.jpg


 photo IMG_3577_zps6162aa42.jpg

oh wait!
my favorite part is that time when i forgot to include a few things in the kids' stockings at christmas
so i included them here. haha!

oh and speaking of all the live long day
lil kennedy wore her new lovey dove kitty jammies all the  live long day
and then thru the night
and perhaps another live long day after that
but then she had a bath
so it was all good

 photo IMG_3578_zpsc9921d4f.jpg

i love you, you sweet tiny souls
thank you for bringing more love to our lives then we could ever imagine

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