Thursday, March 21, 2013

the bunk bed situation in the mccoy household

so when i left on my unexpected and unannounced blogging hiatus three months ago
it was cruely done just on the heals of a major cliffhanger:
the bunkbed situation

the boys have moved into the same room
and are in fact sleeping in bunkbeds
and here's the situation

the short story goes like this:
it's totally great and they totally love it

and long story goes like this
1) it took a few weeks for them to adjust. mostly bedtime was just party time and as soon as we turned off the lights and left the room we heard all manor of running and jumping around. loud thumps of things and children launching off the bunk beds and mayhem and bedlam in general

in fact 2) we'd hear loud thumps all night long! not sure if they'd wake up and play some more or just keep on playing all night long. a few times we'd hear a particular bang that we thought for sure was beck falling out of bed but when we'd go check he'd be sleeping soundly on the lower bunk. ??? so what was the bang? does he fall out of bed and just climb back in all in his sleep? mystery.

3) i've always known that beck was kind a nighttime chatterer since sometimes at 3 in the AM i'd happen past his closed door and hear him chatty chatty or singing or humming or what-have-you. however, atticus did not know this. oh but he knows it now. for weeks i'd have a seriously sleepy eyed atticus telling me all day long about how beck kept waking him up all night long - just chatty chatty and singy singy all night long. oh beck.

4) but all is fair in bunk bed war for atticus has nightmares. like blood curdling, screaming nightmares. it's the saddest thing ever. it's almost night-terror-ish since he often doesn't seem awake or aware that i'm there, even though he's screaming out for me. sometimes it takes up to 30 minutes to calm him down. sometimes he talks to me, sometimes he just goes back to sleep. sometimes he's looking around and screaming at whatever he's seeing in his dream. it breaks my mommy heart. what it also does is it wakes up beck. atticus will go a few months between nightmares, but then he'll have 2-3 within a few days of each other. at this point though beck hardly even notices!! he either sleeps through it or just thinks, "oh that silly atticus - having nightmares again!" a couple nights ago darek took a crying, nightmaring atticus out of their room while i leaned down to check on beck. it was just a little whimper and back to sleep for that guy. however a few months ago i went in to rescue a nightmaring atticus and found beck also out of bed and crying. when i asked him if he was ok he cried and said that he was scared of the zombies coming. oh great. sharing nightmares now...

5) beckett needs decidedly less sleep than atticus and is always the first one up. at first he was so excited to wake up in atticus' room that he'd wake up atticus too. we had to work on that. now he's an expert and getting up and slipping out, nary making a sound. i kind of love it when they do wake up at the same time though, because they usually just start playing together instead of waking me up. i like. 

6) i have yet to buy cute bedding...

7) beck prefers to have a very large blanket stuffed under atticus' mattress and hanging like a curtain all around the bottom bunk so he can sleep in a fort. that's sort of magical.

8) on days atticus doesn't nap beck usually chooses to go to sleep in the top bunk
but oftentimes if i have to go in to wake him he's sleeping soundly on the bottom bunk
apparently bunk swapping happens

9) once i went in to investigate the thumping of just-went-to-bed-time and found both boys out of bed leaping and twirling and jumping around, whisper-laughing together
so apparently that's what the thumping is all about

and finally, the moment of victory 10) they are really great sleepers - even when we're traveling!!!
woo hoo!!! in hotels, at cousins' houses, etc. - when we all sleep in the same room, they actually sleep!
last week in CA they shared a room with kennedy and they all sleep, all night, every night.
finally - my parenting career has made a major turn for the better
and behold, there is a light at the end of this everlasting tunnel

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