Sunday, September 01, 2013

let's get this blogging party started!!

as a christmas gift to my mother-in-law ;)
and as a courtesy to my future self, i'm going to get this blog caught up

i mean, atticus turned six two weeks ago
kennedy turned two last week
and christmas is two weeks away, for pete's sake
if those don't constitute blog worthy events, i don't know what does

the problem, you see, is that my computer has been off and on the fritz (poor fritz) for months
and editing and uploading photos is like the ultimate nightmare of all nightmares
but alas, this keeping of the family record is a labor of love
and i love these little squirts enough to push on through
so let's get this blogging party started, yes?

to get us rolling, i'm going to embarrassingly rewind all the way back to mother's day
yes, you know the day - the only day of the year when you allow yourself to get your hopes up
that you may actually get a decent picture of you and your children together
to commemorate the wonders of motherhood
and the bliss of childhood..?
well i tried to capture this elusive photo and as often happens in the life of a mother
it all kind of went bizerk 
but to be honest that's a pretty accurate description of my life as a mother
so instead of forcing my maniac children into smiling, docile creatures
i just followed them around with my camera and caught their true selves...

in their church clothes
in the mud hole

 photo IMG_8260_zps21c61fd3.jpg

of course it started fully clothed in the kiddie pool

 photo IMG_9846_zpsf43ad548.jpg

 photo IMG_9769_zpsc6d8123f.jpg

 photo IMG_9851_zps6814a9bf.jpg

 photo IMG_9855_zpsd958d168.jpg

but quickly escalated to the mud hole
that's supposed to someday become a garden...
yeah, right

 photo IMG_9788_zps1e1c3fca.jpg

 photo IMG_9781_zpsf87fc391.jpg

 photo IMG_9751_zpsc6f79ee8.jpg

 photo IMG_9929_zps977a033f.jpg

 photo IMG_8262_zps77a8074a.jpg

and it was only a matter of time before they busted out their nakey buns

 photo IMG_9895_zps2fd5746e.jpg

and made bun prints on the wall

 photo IMG_9901_zps0af0fac8.jpg

i mean these innocent faces can pretty much get away with anything

 photo IMG_9827_zpsf18a6a0c.jpg

 photo IMG_9884_zps0ca70a35.jpg

 photo IMG_9780_zpseda3e3fd.jpg

 photo IMG_9941_zps343a0d18.jpg

so there you have it
all the messy, nakey details of my blessed mother's day

heaven help me


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Anonymous said...

ma it nice too see your children on the web but I would be careful about posting nude pictures of them on the web because people have funny ideas in their heads when they see nude children for the safety of your children I suggest that you not post nude pictures of them