Monday, October 07, 2013

luscious lips starts preschool

i think i kind of maybe wanted to shed a tear on this momentous ocassion
but i refrained, lest i embarrass my preschooler

 photo IMG_1419_zpsc95aec56.jpg

because he's a big boy
and he just strolled on up like he'd been doing it for years
 photo IMG_1398_zps178c1d9f.jpg

naturally sister came along for moral support
 photo IMG_1399_zpsc7af4931.jpg

and he surely felt empowered by his skylanders backpack

 photo IMG_1418_zpsadc69bf5.jpg

and the full truth actually goes like this - once he walked in he got a little shy and sheepish
and i had to hang out for a bit until he decided he was safe and sound
and which point he waved me away and all was well

and in the afternoon he hid behind the rocking chair with his sister and debriefed
his very taxing 80 minutes away from home
it was a successful day

 photo IMG_1441_zps80142430.jpg

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