Wednesday, October 30, 2013

more trick-or-treating

kennedy had several different costumes this year
each event warranted another costume

but the only one i really spent time creating was this little tinkerbell number
and sadly, this is the only picture i got of it!

 whilst she ran away from me
and after she pulled her poof from her hair
and her wings from her back

 photo IMG_1937_zps89b75032.jpg

she was a little dancer while trick or treating at beck's preschool

beck had zero interest in dressing up. i think since my kids dress up all the time he doesn't realize that halloween is like extra special dress up.
he went to school in totally normal clothes. i packed a few batman-ish things in case he saw his classmates fully bedecked and felt sad.
not a chance. he went through the whole party normal-clothed and only let me slip on this batman shirt and cape as the trick-or-treating began
 photo IMG_1911_zpsd93db443.jpg

hefting her loot

 photo IMG_1921_zps38a10b11.jpg

clearly, it's all about the candy for beck
costume schmostume...

at least the wind makes his cape extra batmany here

 photo IMG_1926_zpsf5d29187.jpg

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