Thursday, October 31, 2013


i really shirked my photo-taking duties on halloween this year
of course i had planned on getting the kids dressed up again and doing a proper photo shoot
sometime later in the week but if you know me at all, you know i am the queen of good intentions
so whateves

as usual beck was totally over the getting dressed up part
and just mostly totally into the getting candy part

when i asked atticus what he wanted to be for halloween this year
he just mentally ran through whatever costumes we have in the playroom
and selected one at random. it has occurred to neither of my boys that halloween is
an extra special dress up kind of holiday so neither made any unattainable requests
which was just kind of perfect

and a little kitty shirt and kitty ears were sufficient for our little kitty

 photo IMG_2016_zps21953469.jpg

 photo IMG_1940_zps634248f7.jpg

getting fancy

 photo IMG_1942_zps3598b238.jpg

all kitties love their milk

 photo IMG_1945_zps26ef374d.jpg

we trick-or-treated through our neighborhood with lots of friends in tow
big boys racing from door to door, and kennedy trying to keep up

it was really fun and totally exhausting just likes it's supposed to be
hope your halloween was happy and safe!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

more trick-or-treating

kennedy had several different costumes this year
each event warranted another costume

but the only one i really spent time creating was this little tinkerbell number
and sadly, this is the only picture i got of it!

 whilst she ran away from me
and after she pulled her poof from her hair
and her wings from her back

 photo IMG_1937_zps89b75032.jpg

she was a little dancer while trick or treating at beck's preschool

beck had zero interest in dressing up. i think since my kids dress up all the time he doesn't realize that halloween is like extra special dress up.
he went to school in totally normal clothes. i packed a few batman-ish things in case he saw his classmates fully bedecked and felt sad.
not a chance. he went through the whole party normal-clothed and only let me slip on this batman shirt and cape as the trick-or-treating began
 photo IMG_1911_zpsd93db443.jpg

hefting her loot

 photo IMG_1921_zps38a10b11.jpg

clearly, it's all about the candy for beck
costume schmostume...

at least the wind makes his cape extra batmany here

 photo IMG_1926_zpsf5d29187.jpg

Monday, October 28, 2013

his random picture
needs to be on the blog
because that little t-shirt is from my sister's high school
and she's had it for over thirty years
and her daughter wore it thirteen years ago
and my daughter wears it now
and it's all very precious

 photo IMG_1892_zps43fd0bfd.jpg

.the end.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

pumpkin carving
 please excuse the unedited iPhone pics

cori and brandon hosted the pumpkin carving shin dig this year
it was messy and lots of fun

 photo IMG_1793_zps4e2fd485.jpg

K snuggling uncle brandon

 photo IMG_1796_zps3b3269fc.jpg


 photo IMG_1808_zpsc78f8991.jpg


 photo IMG_1821_zpsa2395798.jpg

it shant surprise anyone that darek won the donut on a string contest

 photo IMG_1861_zps2ad05dc1.jpg

so did atticus

 photo IMG_1851_zps36a446f6.jpg 3

little kitties for the little kitty

 photo IMG_1867_zpsfe25000c.jpg

all manner of lord of the flies fire dancing

 photo IMG_1893_zpsde6bc1d8.jpg

and baby beck loving the pumpkins

 photo IMG_1877_zps0172098e.jpg

i failed to get up close pics of our pumpkins but you get the picture, right?

 photo IMG_1848_zps35e24f8f.jpg 

happy carving

Saturday, October 26, 2013

the pumpkin patch
sorry for the iPhone quality...

 photo IMG_1650_zpscd99685b.jpg

this is starting to become a yearly tradition for us
and lucky for us our kids have just as much fun playing on the free things
as the pay-way-too-much things

this hay maze was voted most popular

 photo IMG_1651_zps8d0cb418.jpg

as was this broken train car

 photo IMG_1672_zps42765e5b.jpg

i can't really remember if beck was on his way in or way out of the train at this point

 photo IMG_1675_zpsc0af0305.jpg


 photo IMG_1686_zps9bd3fd34.jpg

 photo IMG_1694_zps67a20ae4.jpg

 photo IMG_1704_zpse231be1b.jpg

it was also the kid's first taste of cotton candy

 photo IMG_1731_zps0baf5036.jpg

they each thought it was weird at first

 photo IMG_1749_zps3cb71497.jpg

but quickly decided otherwise

 photo IMG_1758_zps57eb39ef.jpg

 photo IMG_1775_zps1c6c4843.jpg

happy octobering

Friday, October 18, 2013

elementary school trunk or treat

 photo IMG_1590_zps2ce41549.jpg

kicking off the halloween season right

Thursday, October 17, 2013

almost two

 photo IMG_1446_zpse2c8127b.jpg

so this girl was all fancied up recently
and i thought it would be a good time to get some updated photos
she however, did not feel the same

 photo IMG_1440_zps5c9a998f.jpg

was not interested

was in fact, rather upset
 photo IMG_1427_zps28595384.jpg

so annoyed

 photo IMG_1425_zps90a23e72.jpg

had so many better places to be

and just as i was about to give up
 photo IMG_1450_zpsa29b3c00.jpg

she discovered the palm tree

 photo IMG_1459_zps2ca7e612.jpg

and all was well

 photo IMG_1464_zps9e22e071.jpg

.the end.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

so i couldn't find my phone

so i searched and search
and searched

and considered emailing darek to ask him to call my phone so i could find it
or maybe i'd left it somewhere
or lost it all together


 photo IMG_1406_zpsd37aaf08.jpg

i looked under the computer desk

 photo IMG_1410_zps0e17ee9f.jpg

and found it
 photo IMG_1413_zpscd89bc2c.jpg

and it wasn't alone

Monday, October 07, 2013

luscious lips starts preschool

i think i kind of maybe wanted to shed a tear on this momentous ocassion
but i refrained, lest i embarrass my preschooler

 photo IMG_1419_zpsc95aec56.jpg

because he's a big boy
and he just strolled on up like he'd been doing it for years
 photo IMG_1398_zps178c1d9f.jpg

naturally sister came along for moral support
 photo IMG_1399_zpsc7af4931.jpg

and he surely felt empowered by his skylanders backpack

 photo IMG_1418_zpsadc69bf5.jpg

and the full truth actually goes like this - once he walked in he got a little shy and sheepish
and i had to hang out for a bit until he decided he was safe and sound
and which point he waved me away and all was well

and in the afternoon he hid behind the rocking chair with his sister and debriefed
his very taxing 80 minutes away from home
it was a successful day

 photo IMG_1441_zps80142430.jpg