Sunday, September 08, 2013

this nutso life

life has been nutsos lately - i mean heaven help me, i can not get my kids to stop yelling at each other. and hitting each other. and making each other cry. even now, as i type - all kinds of yelling and crying. and what doesn't work is yelling at them to stop yelling...when i figure out what DOES work, i'll be sure to share that gem with you. but for now, we blog.

so back to this nutso life - it's been a wild ride lately. lots of doc appointments for every family member but nothing too threatening so i'll just take this moment to thank my lucky stars. and amidst all the craziness and the sad blog postlessness i still feel a need to record all the glorious and even more frequent non-glorious moments. naturally i'm too far behind on the blog to do this in any sensical way so instead i'll opt for the stream of consciousness nonsensical way. good luck following along. feel free to skip if you are even remotely attached to your sanity.

let's roll backwards...
starting with the spiderman cast

 photo IMG_0857_zps310036ae.jpg

beck broke his arm
a week ago tonight in fact
but did i know that at the time? of course not
so did he get medical care at the time? of course not
this my friends - is why you'll want to be nominating me for mother of the year

beck jumps from the wall ledge (that makes sense if you've been to my house)
onto the couch that isn't ours (that also makes sense if you've been to my house)
and immediately tumbles to the floor - like he has 37,295 times before
then he cried - which he's also done 37,295 times before
but he kind of cried a little extra long
and came and sat with me on the couch
and i tought
hmmmm...perhaps a sprain...

 photo IMG_0840_zpsc547d973.jpg

but see here's the thing - he stopped crying
and he kept playing
and then he slept fine
and acted fine
except for the not-using-his-right-hand part
but still kind of all sprain-ish

he swam all the next day
see? how could his arm be broken?

but then tuesday
and sore
and mommy radar finally goes off

ten x-rays and 24 hours later - broken TWO places...

 photo IMG_0812_zps9e47d8b0.jpg

luckily he's like the champion of all champions and there was very little drama
besides all the toddlers in waiting rooms drama - which i have been getting more than my fair share of lately
you know it's bad when you're singing and participating in head, shoulder, knees and toes
where other people are watching

anyway - xrays and cast and he was all set
and so was kennedy - she got one too. a cotton one just for pretends
 photo IMG_0839_zpsf5844464.jpg

so then my glorious friend rachel who is THEE very paintingest Painting Master of all, customized it
which was super cool. until the kid straight up PULLED OFF his cast at church today
say what? casts pull off? FYI the answer is yes
and in fact not only do they pull of, but they pull off fairly painlessly
however they do not push back on at all painlessly
so its another trip to the doc tomorrow

 photo IMG_0852_zpsfd4a9728.jpg

bye bye spiderman cast. you lasted all of five days.
perhaps tomorrow we'll try green and hulk it up
the good news is he only needs the cast for 2 weeks
as long as he keeps it on

~moving on~
darek built kennedy a dollhouse
it's pretty dreamy. i always wanted a dollhouse growing up
i had somewhere in the range of 396 dolls - all houseless
so this was my little girl dream coming true for my own little girl
and her big brothers

i also gave her all the dolls i have saved for about 25 years - all hers to go in her house

 photo IMG_0709_zps4264929e.jpg

and this was what we did at church today
in case you needed further evidence that i am the right pick for your mother of the year vote

 photo IMG_0863_zpsf71d0754.jpg

kennedy also got her first set of heals recently

 photo IMG_0693_zps4a1cddfe.jpg

they mostly never leave her feet

 photo IMG_0694_zps94037606.jpg

and then there was that time that i never cut the boys hair
until i did

 photo IMG_0612_zps7a5ffab6.jpg

i just didn't want to see beck's shaggy bangs go

 photo IMG_0616_zps4a3d6b4e.jpg

or atticus' only-in-the-back curls
(or his natural sunshiney summer highlights for that matter)

 photo IMG_0619_zpsb0996f65.jpg

but alas - all good things must come to an end
and i told the girls to leave a little shag so it all worked out in the end

 photo IMG_0630_zpsbf7e6cc3.jpg

and then there was the time two weeks ago when i turned 35
i'm sorry did you hear me? i said i turned 35
i think maybe you're kind of not listening

i turned

that's thirty four plus one

it was so much easier to pretend like 34 was "early thirties" not "mid thirties"
but there's no getting around this 35 business - that's mid thirties all the way
do the math people. there's no sugar coating this truth.

 photo IMG_0642_zps9d8725fe.jpg

i kind of thought i'd panic
but then 35 came and i totally didn't
because i realized that 35 is kind of like the coolest thing ever

we viva-ed las vegas old school style on freemont street
saw mike hammer the comedian magician
and i laughed maybe like i've never laughed before
and he offended and insulted every single soul in the audience
and it was funny

and darek picked the two of spades
and somehow mike hammer knew it

 photo IMG_0643_zpscd12bea9.jpg

and i took a bow
because i successfully turned 35
which is something most 34 year olds have never even done

 photo IMG_0645_zps8a13008b.jpg

yeah so anyway - that happened

and then my kids watched zumba on chocolate shake friday
(that's when they chocolate shakes at the gym. on fridays.)
and i was seriously laughing
because they were into it

 photo IMG_0564_zps10e29ebd.jpg

and this is our paige
she started out as our babysitter
and then she become kind of like a member of the family
and now she's our missionary

 photo IMG_0576_zps83b28d3c.jpg

currently preaching it up in nebraska as i blog this ridiculous post

she's a shining star and a blessing to our family
and we are sending all our good missionary mojo her way these days

 photo IMG_0577_zps9ae9d7ad.jpg

and now let's fast forward back to this very exact moment

 photo IMG_0876_zps47ade856.jpg
because it wouldn't be sunday without it

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Brooke McCoy said...

wow girl when you blog you blooog ;)

great stuff and there is no right or wrong way to attend church :)

dude i have yet to do the broken arm thing and it scares me, but we have done the pulled out the socket and it sounded the sameish

i hope i am as cute as you in six months when i turn 35 :)