Sunday, September 15, 2013

the cast

so a couple weeks ago beck was jumping off the couch like he does 1000 times a day, very standard practice around here, until one jump and tumble made him come sit next to me on the couch and cry for 2.2 seconds. i worried that maybe he had sprained his wrist but since he was up and jumping again 2.3 seconds later i figured it was ok. i noticed that he favored that arm a little but again when he spent the whole next day swimming with his cousins, again i figured it was ok. until finally the next morning when he woke up with a swooollen wrist from swimming all the day before, my slow-to-kick-in mom instincts told me something was wrong.
so we were off for x-rays.

 photo IMG_0812_zps9e47d8b0.jpg

both bones

but beck didn't really care all that much

 photo IMG_0840_zpsc547d973.jpg

plus kennedy got her own cast so all was well in the mccoy family

 photo IMG_0839_zpsf5844464.jpg

then as an added bonus our very talented friend, rachel (the creator of PegBuddies)
costumized beck's cast endowing him with spider web shooting super powers

 photo IMG_0852_zpsfd4a9728.jpg

all was well in the world

 photo IMG_0857_zps310036ae.jpg

and life went back to normal
as seen below with my children laying on the floor during sacrament meeting

 photo IMG_0863_zpsf71d0754.jpg

until later that day when beck was playing with his cast during his primary class
when zzzzzzip! he just slipped it right off his arm! apparently that can happen after the swelling goes down
would have been helpful to know...

anywho - the day continued as normal, in the mud

 photo IMG_0876_zps47ade856.jpg

until we could get into the doc's office the next morning for cast #2

 photo IMG_0884_zpsb76c0fa0.jpg

blue this time

 photo IMG_0886_zps8cf863d9.jpg

which naturally meant batman this time around

 photo IMG_0918_zps489d4bb1.jpg
 photo IMG_0921_zps9a5a00b8.jpg

 photo IMG_0925_zpsb40e1115.jpg

and two painted casts for little brother was just far too unfair in the eyes of big brother
so rachel endowed him with some green lantern power as well

 photo IMG_0930_zps0836790e.jpg

beck's cast was only on for two weeks, which is a lot of custom painting for a pretty short amount of time
then again, atticus' only last the night so beck kind of lucked out

i'm relieved to have our first broken bone experience over and done with
and crossing my fingers that it won't happen again anytime soon
kind of like never

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