Tuesday, July 23, 2013

california vacation
since we're headed out of town again this week
i figured i should slap up some pictures from our last trip
i kind of considered doing this in a coherent, organized fashion
but i quickly vetoed that silly idea and opted for a
good old fashion iphone photo dump instead
laguna beach
we were in orange county just for a day before heading up to stay with the LA mccoys
for the rest of the week. i love showing my kids where i grew up, even though it always makes me a little homesick to be there
 photo IMG_8824_zps5d815267.jpg

building sand castles

 photo IMG_8835_zpse81a6ec4.jpg

having sand fights

 photo IMG_8837_zpse7e8e42e.jpg

and doing head stands in the sand
i don't know where kennedy got this from
i was just laying on my towel hanging out
and turned around to see this little action going on
the best part is that she totally knew she was being funny
 photo IMG_8863_zps5a2559c7.jpg

naturally beck had to try

 photo IMG_8858_zps34023d2e.jpg

k lounging in our hotel
 photo IMG_8895_zps34c6477d.jpg

browsing stores at the mall

 photo IMG_8887_zps7841586d.jpg

being little monsters at the movies

 photo IMG_8900_zpseea038bc.jpg

and i'm feeling real glad we didn't bother spending any money on disneyland
since the kids thought these rides at the mall were all the rage

 photo IMG_8872_zps006464a3.jpg

k getting her choo on

 photo IMG_8881_zpsff4ecdc2.jpg
Santa Clarita
our first night at jason and brooke's i tagged along with brooke and her friends
on a girls night out for tapas in los angeles

 photo IMG_8911_zps80626ea7.jpg

we all had so so much fun hanging out together all week
although we are lucky to only live four hours apart, i still wish it were closer
Zuma Beach
these two little misses played all week

 photo IMG_8924_zps9960450c.jpg

even if it did get kind of heated once or twice

 photo IMG_8922_zpsa9d721a7.jpg

of course it's no surprise that this is the face i got when i asked atticus to smile

 photo IMG_8938_zps8e9130a4.jpg

nor is it a surprise that this is what i got from beck

 photo IMG_8939_zpsdbf790d3.jpg

and speaking of non-surprises
also not surprised that as soon as kennedy saw uncle jason burying people
she just moseyed on over and laid down on her belly awaiting burial

 photo IMG_8942_zps28564220.jpg

sweet girl sporting her big-brother-hand-me-down swimshirt
poor deprived third child
 photo IMG_8951_zps6f5660df.jpg

wave watching

 photo IMG_8949_zpsa57e99ff.jpg

headed out to catch some waves

 photo IMG_8953_zps7a68fc78.jpg

and making sand angels
this girl just cracked me up over and over
she really and truly loves the sand and water
a natural born beach baby through and through

 photo IMG_8961_zps019bb2dc.jpg

proud mama

 photo IMG_8970_zps2c4e4f2c.jpg
fourth of july
 photo IMG_8977_zpsd7dc71a5.jpg

we joined the rest of california
at a really beautiful park in stephenson ranch to watch fireworks
it was so pretty and green and lush that i surely was california-homesick indeed

 photo IMG_8979_zps7e0202f8.jpg

climbing fences to spy around

 photo IMG_8980_zps91382679.jpg

watching fireworks from mommy's lap
no fear from this brave little miss

 photo IMG_8981_zps2b2bd0e8.jpg
the shaving cream party
 photo Shavingcream_zpsbe46bd3d.jpg

so brooke came up with the best bad idea she's ever had
and bought a hundred cans of shaving cream
 it started out mellow enough

 photo IMG_9025_zpsff54b429.jpg

beck diving in

 photo IMG_9011_zpsbdf052ea.jpg

then it got a little crazier

 photo IMG_9005_zps6041ec48.jpg

and crazier

 photo IMG_9012_zps84b04cb8.jpg

and buffer

 photo IMG_9013_zpsdae93ab1.jpg

and spazier

 photo IMG_9065_zpsac2a9ea4.jpg

until kennedy really took it to a whole new level

 photo IMG_9039_zpsd8a802e2.jpg

she just could not get enough

 photo IMG_9081_zpsbbca0d76.jpg

and then we had six little mummies on our hands
(because soon after the first squirt of shaving cream beckett insisted it was making him itch
and he hoped in the pool to wash it all off - then only watched the shenanigans from afar)

 photo IMG_9072_zps6c028966.jpg

asking for "more please"

 photo IMG_9064_zpsb6ccd12e.jpg

trampoline time

 photo IMG_9098_zps1cc09111.jpg

i couldn't believe it never ran into anyone's eyes - no tears at all

 photo IMG_9099_zpsdd20fea2.jpg

well at least no tears until it was time to go in and wash it all off

 photo IMG_9116_zps29dd9aef.jpg
Zuma Beach again
 photo IMG_9131_zps48b24611.jpg

kennedy was once again in rare form on our last day at the beach

 photo IMG_9127_zpsf64b20a2.jpg

and there was much digging of huge holes

 photo IMG_9153_zpsb6c4c47e.jpg

and hole sitting

 photo IMG_9139_zps90c7bab8.jpg

big enough for everyone

 photo IMG_9165_zps3deab40f.jpg

and this little girl's favorite spot

 photo IMG_9138_zps10dee239.jpg

puddle jumping

 photo IMG_9142_zps0cc8f90c.jpg

and sand crab finding
darby got the biggest one of the day

 photo IMG_9154_zps04ffb80b.jpg

and a little "bye bye" from this little girl as we started to pack it up

 photo IMG_9180_zps0f193624.jpg

back home
on our last day at the beach atticus and i took a run down the beach
then collected (much to darek's dismay) a load of rocks to bring home with us
despite darek's efforts to dump them out and leave them behind without atticus noticing
i secretly collected them all back up - because my mommy heart just loves that we had this
little boy adventure together

 photo IMG_9201_zpsbe6e9728.jpg

as always - california was like living in dream
we had such a great time and are so happy we got to go
and THANK YOU to the LA mccoys for making the magic happen!
we love you LA mccoys
and we love you CA
until next time

Saturday, July 13, 2013


so we ended up eating the best food of our entire lives at max brenner last night
it was so yummy and so fantastic that we decided that it simply must be the kick off to the best year yet
i mean for reals - we decided to make year eleven the best year yet
this marriage and family business take work
and we're gonna to work it

so as we walked into the forum shops last night we suddenly had a flashback to our FIRST anniversary - which we celebrated right here in sin city!
if someone had told me then that we would live here now, i would have laughed at them and walked away. but they would have been right.
it's so crazy where this life takes you - but it is a good life so we'll take it

we decided to recreate a picture that we took in front of the fountain from our first anniversary
but when i dug out the picture today i realized that it was actually taken when we were engaged
and just passing through vegas on our way to CA so darek could ask my dad for permission to marry me

we were such babies!
 photo 949b933c-be6a-4792-ac20-80a3ca86344d_zpsbbda4f36.jpg

and we are so not babies anymore...
 photo IMG_9258_zpsb5c50a2a.jpg

we should have accosted someone to take a happy smiling picture of us at max brenner's
but instead we just took pictures of each other consuming unnatural amounts of chocolate

 photo IMG_9260_zpsac2c6579.jpg

darek drinking the yummiest, creamiest, most chocolatiest salted caramel hot chocolate
in the cutest warm-your-hands mug

 photo IMG_9268_zps1d2bfdce.jpg

and me literally drinking that last of the melted chocolate from our fondue dessert
do not waste a drop, i say

 photo IMG_9272_zpsf8da7b76.jpg

it was a really fun and yummy night out and a perfect kick off to the best year yet
in the spirit of the best year yet we also decided to take the kids swimming today
however, that just mostly turned out to be a grumpy, pouty fest with grumpy, pouty kids
but we roll with it because that's our only hope some days

 photo IMG_9278_zps7869f142.jpg

ok best year yet - let's do this