Wednesday, June 26, 2013

the saddest blog on the block...

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oh this poor little blog. such neglect. life is just flying by whilst this little blog sits by looking longingly, wondering if ever again it will record the happy, and not so happy, moments of our little lives. and here's the truth: yes! it will! this sad little blog will be happy once again. the problem, you see, is that picasa has become my dreaded enemy and continually refuses to open on my computer. it's just "error, error, error" all the time. have you encountered this? i've got other ways of accessing and editing photos but it is a hassle with a capital H. nightmare. drama. so i've been using a rather handy copying skill that is becoming more and more relied upon in my life: avoidance. ha!

nevertheless - the truth remains that my children are growing like glorious, beautiful weeds and time is flying by at the speed of light
and therefore all efforts at recording and remembering the sweet and tender and utterly frustrating moments must be made.
so here we are - recording and remembering...

what have we been doing instead of blogging:
1) taking lots of pictures that may or may not ever grace this cyber space
2) taking many a bike ride in the searing dessert heat
3) drinking lots of water
4) playing in or swimming in water as much as none-fish-humanly possible
5) eating lots of watermelon - until i have to cut off beck and kennedy like an addict from his drug
because i don't want to change anymore what-happens-when-you-eat-too-much-watermelon diapers
6) repeat #5 except substitute "strawberries" and "blueberries" for watermelon - including the diaper part
7) making a quick trip to utah to visit loved ones, some of whom have been suffering greatly
8) saying lots of prayers for loved ones who have been suffering. my heart cries.
9) planning a trip to CA because my head might just fall off my neck if i don't get to the beach asap
10) braving the new children's museum because it's kind of like pretty spectacular
plus our family membership expires this month. lame.
11) enjoying a quick visit from my brother and two of his boys who fit like perfect puzzle pieces
into the soulmate shaped spots of my little boys' little boy hearts
12) cleaning, cleaning, cleaning - not that you can tell
13) gyming, gyming, gyming - maybe also not that you can tell because cookies are happening daily
14) and reading, reading, reading because that's what i do when my head is about to fall off and i can't get to the beach quickly enough
14.5) enjoying toddler piggy tails *be still my heart*
and finally 15) rolling watermelons from one side of the kitchen island to the other
and hoping we (read: atticus) can run around to the other side quickly enough to catch it

 ok cyber space - let's get this party started


Anonymous said...

That is too sweet! Love your updates. I hope you maintain long enough that your head doesn't burst. Haha. Adorable family by the way.
Kacey laney-Cesar

Brooke McCoy said...

can't wait to see you, yay for your blog and we should swap book titles!