Thursday, June 27, 2013

since we're pretending to turn back time...

 photo IMG_7109_zpsbb73fcdb.jpg 

these pictures are from a few months ago (*ahem* january)
the day that i took the lollipop pictures because i needed new photos for framing
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and since we're pretending to turn back time so i can get all blog caught uppy
here they are - my five year old neighborhood gazing out our playroom window
i don't know why - but this moment feels so magical to me
 photo IMG_7854_zps5f8ec4c1.jpg

of my kids atticus is the one most willing to let me take pictures of him
in fact he'll occassionally do something real cute secretly waiting for me to bust out my camera
and i'll secretly pretend like i don't know he's waiting for me to bust out my camera
until he says all shy and sly "mom...take a picture."
then i just look at him until he looks at me
and we both start laughing

until i finally bust out my camera
because he sort of has me wrapped around his finger like that
 photo IMG_7866_zps0fe72f0d.jpg

this baby boy of mine is kind of like a big huge boy these days
he's swimming sans life jacket this summer
and starting kindergarten this fall

pardon me while i dab the tear off my cheek

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cori said...

trying to blog again and get caught up. love reading this and seeing your family. love you!