Thursday, March 28, 2013

on the farm for brink's birthday

 photo IMG_7947_zps8024c5ab.jpg

since brink's loves horses we met up at a local farm to hang out for the day
beck braved the big horse

 photo IMG_7946_zps67db3031.jpg

atticus started on the pony

 photo IMG_7926_zps3a230662.jpg

then upgraded
 photo IMG_7931_zpsec805b55.jpg

it was also fun for the kids to feed the horses

 photo IMG_7919_zps682031ee.jpg

 photo IMG_7917_zps86692243.jpg

beck felt right at home

 photo IMG_7914_zps4ab85ed2.jpg

although he left all the horse feeding to atticus

 photo IMG_7907_zps9d7536b3.jpg

 photo IMG_7905_zps709b3211.jpg

ken just toddled all around
climbing on anything that stood still long enough

 photo IMG_7961_zps34d360f7.jpg

she also got her first little ponytail at the farm
since she was too small to actually ride a pony

 photo IMG_7960_zps28f47c51.jpg

making the rounds

 photo IMG_7956_zps186144d7.jpg

tippy toes peaking through the fence

 photo IMG_7958_zpsa13749cf.jpg

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