Monday, March 18, 2013

atticus' room

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this may sound strange but i spent some time today taking a few pictures of atticus' room. despite my best efforts at delaying this day - the time has nevertheless arrived to move beck from the nursery into atticus' room and make it the big boy room so poor baby sister can move out of our closet and into the nursery. i've been delaying this move for the obvious reason of avoiding the weeks of sleepless adjustment the boys will need to go through until they get used to sharing a room. but i've also been holding off because something in my heart breaks a little bit - this kind of feels like a big change, like my boys are growing up. but mostly i'm sad that atticus is losing his little sancutary. i know the boys will love sharing room, but i have always loved watching atticus make his room his very own. i love when he gets lost in his imagination playing in there. i love finding all his little treasures in his secret hiding spots. and i love that he has added to the decor over time and made it his own.
so it felt like some of that needed to be recorded before it changes - good changes - but still changes.

kennedy wanted to be part of the action while i took a couple shots
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and atticus built masterpieces out of his lego drawer
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atticus' room has always had a little bit of a norman rockwell theme
i found an old vintage car at goodwill when we first moved here (on the left end of the dresser)
that become the inspirational piece of the room. after that i bought a used book of norman rockwell
paintings and tore out pages (gasp!) to hang as artwork. i love the way norman rockwell captures childhood
and i've always wanted my kids' childhood experiences to have that touch of magic

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more norm

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i love watching the display on the "ATTICUS" knobs change
as atticus' favorites change

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this mother goose book belonged to my grandfather
it feels appropriate to give this book to atticus as they share a middle name - wesley

and this vintage copy of To Kill a Mockingbird was a gift from Likely
when atticus was just the wee lad in the picture frame

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i'm not much of a seamstress but i made this bedding for atticus when we first moved it
not a great photo of the details - but vintage ABC's

 photo IMG_9224_zps2af001ee.jpg

and i had to take a couple pictures of how it looked before i removed all his artwork
which i just moved to the closet doors because the bunk beds (that darek built!!) will go on the checkered wall
 photo IMG_9189_zpsf98f5569.jpg

this is what i love - seeing what he thinks is great and grand enough to adorn his walls

drawings and colorings covered in stickers
a birthday card from my parents that he colored and hung up (upper right)
and the funniest - pages from junk mail brochures that had pictures he liked: the motorcycle,
silver dollars, and not pictured is a custom checks order form - because he saw checks with batman, spongebob and scooby doo
little boy magic
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atticus' room was one of our first painting ventures in our house so i dug up this old picture
to comemorate all the tediousness of painting a checkered wall
measuring, taping, sealing, painting...same old story

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and this is the lego masterpiece atticus constructed while i photoed
totally worth recording
 photo IMG_9284_zpse62bd47f.jpg

two heads
on one body
on two sets of legs
on the one head
of the guy driving the very loooong car
that has a refrigerator full of lego food

 photo IMG_9305_zps6a010948.jpg
it's all so very atticus


An Ordinary Mom said...

Sometimes it is downright scary how quickly our kids grow up! It's a bittersweet thing for me because often times I feel like they are growing up while I am merely just trying to survive each day; I need to try harder at being a more purposeful and deliberate parent.

You are such a remarkable parent to your kids! I am in awe. I love how much you teach them about the gospel (them singing the Primary songs video comes to mind), about academics (love the ABC quilt and the reading nook!), and about the arts - so fun you had a Norman Rockwell theme for his room! You truly go way above and beyond and your little ones will greatly benefit from it! Thanks for being an inspiration to me and reminding me to do more. After all, in the blink of an eye this precious time with little ones in the home will be gone!


Crazy Lady said...

that is cute. and your kids have the cutest rooms. we always have musical rooms over here...although i loved when luke shared with paisley when she was a baby just cause i thought it was cute.