Wednesday, February 13, 2013


 photo IMG_8284-1_zps0f6b6707.jpg

my big boy writing like a boss
maybe it melts my heart a little

 photo IMG_8287_zpsbe983a24.jpg

and stealing candy meant for his compadres

 photo IMG_8292-1_zpscf8eadd8.jpg

and drawing himself holding hands with his preschool teacher

 photo IMG_8302_zps5f437393.jpg

oh beck, you little marshmallow - you're so yummy
i just want to make rice crispie treats out of you

 photo IMG_8305_zps395500d6.jpg

working on his valentines for papa ted and gramma dani

 photo IMG_8307_zpsc9d9880b.jpg

and drawing startlingly accurate portraits of the grandparents
pink = papa ted and red = gramma dani

ps - my kids can't quite get their little lips to pronounce "grandMA and grandpa"
it's always "grandPA and grandPA"
and i never correct them

 photo IMG_8308_zps87ed0f81.jpg

happy valentine's to you
may cupid make it merry and bright

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