Thursday, February 21, 2013

this little three year old

 photo IMG_7337_zpsdc642b6b.jpg

little baby beck has officially become big boy beck
it's sweet and tender and heartbreaking and all the other motherhood cliches you can think of
that we all hear and all say and really mean when it's our own child - my baby is growing up too fast

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we had brandon and cori's family over for cupcakes and presents a couple days before beck's bday

 photo IMG_8362_zpsfe7e617c.jpg

he was mostly obsessed with the batman mask he got which he wore to bed that night
and has worn almost every minute since then

 photo IMG_8372_zps48fcb3d3.jpg

present opening
when i asked beck earlier in the week what he wanted for his birthday he answered,

smart kid

 photo IMG_8391_zpse800cc42.jpg

atticus was rather in awe during present opening time
it was hard for poor beck to actually get to open his gifts since atticus kept doing it for him

 photo IMG_8402_zpsc9626890.jpg

i made THIS cinnamon roll cake also
since i'm always looking for an excuse to do so
and it was amazing...never disappoints

 photo IMG_8414_zpsf5b4d96f.jpg

kennedy got in on the toy stealing action as well
mostly beck's new micro-machines
which are all already missing

 photo IMG_8432_zps9fae581f.jpg

thanks you mccoys for coming to help celebrate our big boy

baby beck - you'll always be my angel baby

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