Friday, February 15, 2013

new striped wall
in the guest room

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darek and i spontaneously decided a couple weekends ago that we were in the mood for a DIY house project
we poked around the garage looking for something to do when we noticed we still had a lot of light grey paint left from the striped wall in the kitchen (HERE). the color looks blue in the photos but is actually a light grey called 100 Acre Raindrops, part of the Disney line at Home Depot, in semi-gloss. this project was so spotaneous that i lacked the foresight to do proper before pictures or step-by-step photos
so these kind of terrible iphone pics will have to do

before - blank wall, flat builder grade paint (terrible!)
we just decided to add the stripes over the flat paint and not do a whole new coat of semi-gloss white
i thought maybe it would look strange with flat white and semi-gloss stripes but you can't tell at all

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darek and i are both a little OCD about even measurements
we don't want to start taping/painting and end up with half a stripe at the end of the wall
so we measured the wall and decided how many stripes we wanted and roughly the stripe-width we wanted
then divided and and measured it all out - it's a hassle but totally worth it if you want clean, sharp stripes
plus if you have an extra-crazy-over-precise husband like i do, it's pretty great

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typically i would recommend painter's tape or frog tape but we used duct tape in the kitchen and that's what we decided to use this time too
our walls are very textured so getting sharp lines with no color seeping under the tape into the crevices is tough to do
if this is the case for a project you are doing you can seal the edges of your tape with painter's caulk before adding your stripe colors
however the caulking can leave a slight ridge between colors which may or may not matter to you

an even better way to prevent seeping paint - in my opinion - is to paint the whole wall your primary color, then do your taping, then add an extra coat of your primary color to the inside edges of your tape, let it dry, then paint your secondary color (the stripe color) over those sealed edges. this way your primary color (here it's white) seeps under the tape onto the white wall so you can't see anything once the tape is removed. in this case our wall was already white so we didn't have any paint with which to seal the edges before adding the grey. for this reason we used duct tape so we could stick it down really firmly and get a decent line, which worked out well. however - a warning about duct tape - we had no problems using it in our kitchen on semi-gloss paint, it peeled off great - BUT - on the flat crappy builder's paint - it left a sticky residue. we just used the tape to blot off the residue but it was a hassle and took extra time. peeling slowly also helped to lessen the residue.

note: always tape on the OUTSIDE of the stripe you want painted
and tape just slightly outside your measurement line so your stripe paint will cover the pencil marks
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after carefully peeling and blotting off the sticky stick we had ourselves some fancy gray stripes!
with the mirror and furniture it kind of makes the wall look like a circus, or a carosel, or an ice cream shop
but we love how it turned out

note - decor is always changing in my house so this is just default/work in progress type decor...

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we typically only paint accent walls throughout our house as opposed to painting an entire room the same color
so in this case we painted the wall to the left of the striped wall grey as well and started our stripes with a white stripe to get the contrast in the corner

 photo IMG_8333_zps7dcf8e8f.jpg

whereas we ended with a grey stripe so that it would contrast with the white wall to the right

 photo IMG_8329_zpsbb083c5d.jpg

grey accent wall to the left of the stripes
incidentally - i have never loved how THESE side tables ended up
but the gold trim was so painstaking we couldn't bring ourselves to redo them
well - quit to my husband's dismay - i couldn't stand it any longer so decided to try black on the sidetable
i don't really love how it looks with the gold but i'm sitting with it for a bit until inspiration strikes
any thoughts?

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and we left the wall opposite the stripes totally white with only a framed print to pull out a few accent colors within the room
again the decor is a work in progress

and FYI - this poster is nine buckaroos HERE
can't beat it
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Julia said...

You are a fantastic DIYer. May need some help with that in a few months. ;)