Thursday, February 14, 2013


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don't you just love love?
i just love love
darek got up early to make breakfast and valentiney up the place
it was yummy and delicious and started my day out perfectly
the aerobics teacher at the gym even asked me why i was so happy this morning!
this is why, silly

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plus darek and each of the kids made me valentines!
it made me so happy. i decorated the boys' doors last night with hearts
and had valentine's treats for all the kids at breakfast

but poor darek ~ he thought i had forgotten all about him
and i kind of pretended like i did ~ but i was tricksy ~ i decorated the driver's seat of his car
so it wasn't until he was leaving for work that he discovered his carseat full of hearts
plus chocolates and a card! haha! still my valentine after fifteen years

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kennedy got (another) sock monkey (i'm just a sucker for those suckers)
which she carried around with her christmas sock monkey and a few other favorites all day

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and she sported her little heart feeties for the big day

and the love isn't over yet ~ darek has a surprise date planned tonight!
woo hoo!

have a lovey dovey day

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