Sunday, February 03, 2013

beckett + skittles

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oh sweet beck - he's turning three this month
three, i say! 1-2-3!

and although he's showing signs of some pretty dramatic terrible-three's tantrums
he's also so hilarious and so I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T! he's been dressing himself for some time
which i might add has caused some of the terrible three's tantrums - as i occasionally have to intervene
not often but on occassion - ie - i vetoed spiderman shirt to church a few weeks ago
although now i don't really know why as i wouldn't have really cared if he'd worn it
i was just in the (cranky) mood to lay down the law that day

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anyway - as i said - he's rather independent
and everything is, "i do, i do, i do"

i start to make his peanut butter and honey sandwich and he's all, "i do, i do, i do"
i start to put his shirt on, his shoes on, toothpaste on his toothbrush and he's all, "i do, i do, i do"
pour his cereal, open his yogurt, wash his hands = "i do, i do, i do"

and i'm not really complaining but this is kind of new for me
atticus went through the i'm a big boy now and can do everything myself phase
but shoot - half the stuff beck insists on doing himself, atticus is still insisting i do for him! but whatever - we roll with it.
which means i have more than once walked into the kitchen to find cereal bowls overflowing with milk
and peanut butter jars open with slices of bread covered in gloppy globs of peanut butter
and beckett fingerprints everywhere
little rascal

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today i went upstairs for 2.2 seconds to get K out of bed and atticus starts calling to me that beck spilled
the young lad had decided to make oatmeal on his own (luckily without boiling water)
i came downstairs to a bowl of watery oatmeal resting peacefully upside down on my kitchen floor
and guess what? i left it there. because it was one of those days. and later someone slide in it. because it was also one of those days
and i'm totally not worried about it

but never fear, the mess has been cleaned, the kitchen spick and spanned
and tomorrow will undoubtedly bring new and fresh messes for our slipping and sliding enjoyment

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plus he knows like every word to like every song!
when did this happen - this prodigy singing?
he says, "mom sing twinkle and child of god and popcorn popping and ABC's"
and i start to sing and he says, "i do, i do, i do"
and that's how that goes

 so that's it - the whole of my story
i have a little lad who is about the turn three
and i just emailed his future preschool teacher to get him on the roster for next year
and i might just shed a little tear or two - because my baby boy is suddenly so big

note: just realized his shirt says BIG -serendipity
another note: just realized this boys has a HISTORY with skittles

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min said...

ahhh so sweet. I guess he needed to get some sweets to rival atticus huge sucker!