Friday, February 01, 2013

atticus + lollipop

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i have been working on a few house projects recently
which means i need some updated pictures of the kids to print and hang
therefore i followed the kids around a lot this week with my camera hoping to capture the perfect moment

as always, photo shoots often come with candy bribes
also as always, i'm posting a ridiculous amount
it's for posterity's sake, right?

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my big boy is talking non stop about how he'll start kindergarten this year
and turn six - and it's really bittersweet for me

i'm so excited for him for these milestones
but i'm having a hard time letting him grow up so quickly

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he has been saying some hilarious things to me lately

last night he asked, "mom, are you watching basketball?"
me: yep
him: but moms don't watch basketball
only dad's watch basketball
me: what do moms watch?
him: moms watch shows about houses being built

i can not tell a lie
he was totally right

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i also told him a couple days ago that i was going to hop in the shower
he thought about it for a moment and asked,
"can i smell your armpit?"

do you think i let him?
of course i did
lesson learned

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lollipop licking
turned into silly face making

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 photo IMG_7805_zps9e40f875.jpg

then back to lollipop licking

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he's been a really sweet big brother lately
getting beck and kennedy food and drinks and treats and toys
often without me even asking him to do it

those are the moments i most appreciate how quickly he is growing up

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 photo IMG_7718-001_zps6212ecd1.jpg

 photo IMG_7719-002_zps3f86bd4e.jpg

offering me a lick

 photo IMG_7710-001_zpsc30a9612.jpg

we shot these while beck was napping
and the poor guy, every time he sees these pictures
he asks where his huge lollipop is

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atticus is also writing more and more
and reading! i can't believe it!
he's so proud of himself
so am i

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