Friday, February 22, 2013

additional third birthday festivities

we did cupcakes, ice cream and presents a few days before beck's birthday
so on his actual birthday i felt bad that it was going to slip by with zero hullabaloo
hence an impromptu trip to old reliable - chuck e cheese
batman made an appearance

 photo IMG_8446_zps9b2cfb4f.jpg

this was the first time kennedy was really able to run around and play

 photo IMG_8461_zpsf9cd7b58.jpg

and i might have really loved it just as much as she did

 photo IMG_8476_zps0bd91131.jpg

there's never a question whether or not atticus is going to love it

 photo IMG_8469_zps8de1d5b6.jpg

there was all manner of one year old entertainment

 photo IMG_8496-1_zps5577f2ad.jpg

 photo IMG_8512_zps9a7577d6.jpg

 photo IMG_8548-1_zps60c14ebf.jpg

and this birthday boy...

 photo IMG_8586-1_zps06861f51.jpg

meant business

 photo IMG_8590-1_zpsb19d18ed.jpg

and naturally i once again found my five year old
playing the most violent game chuck e has to offer

 photo IMG_8616-1_zps8e795f98.jpg

enjoying the violence

 photo IMG_8617_zpse549641c.jpg

with dad

 photo IMG_8661_zpsfad04549.jpg

what did i say? hours of one year old entertainment
she buckled every buckle she could possibly buckle

 photo IMG_8652-1_zps5423b42c.jpg

and prize time

 photo IMG_7407_zps42900bb6.jpg

for all

 photo IMG_7408_zps87fc9630.jpg

all in all, a very successful chuck e night

and a couple from the iphone
bat-spider-man beck

 photo IMG_7411_zps70157bf8.jpg

and definitely the best picture of the night - kennedy winning big!

 photo IMG_7412_zps2cb80d24.jpg

we took a bike/scooter ride earlier in the day
please notice that kennedy is riding in the ibert seat
which means she is straddling the handle bars
and fully believes she is steering

this girl is in charge
 photo IMG_7356_zps16a7dced.jpg
 clearly this little three year old is dressing himself these days
classic beck

xo baby beck - you own my heart

 photo IMG_7357_zpse9451152.jpg

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