Thursday, January 10, 2013

thirteen months old


baby girl was thirteen months old at the beginning of this month
her wobbly walk is so incredibly precious but she's getting better everyday and already getting less wobbly.
i want time to slow down. early walking is one of my very favorite stages of minihood
and it passes too quickly.

it appears that "uh, oh!" is her first real word. she hasn't said much else actually meaning to say it other than "uh, oh."
he loves it - she's know she's being real funny when she drops something and says "uh, oh!"
she's a ham, which is no surprise since we all worship her.

in the picture above she was clapping for herself after putting the balls in the elephant ears. there's no lack of self-confidence with this girl.
she always claps after we say "amen" after a prayer too. i love it. apparently she's rather thrilled we're all taking the time to pray together. haha!

a couple days ago when i asked the boys to fold their arms for prayer, kennedy did it too! i couldn't believe it.
first she just put her arms against her chest, but she has since actually started putting one arm over the other like she's folding them.
it's so sweet and precious and i don't want it to ever stop.

one day over the holidays when darek had the week off work i went to run some errands while everyone was napping. when darek woke up from his nap on the couch he went upstairs to find atticus and kennedy playing in atticus' room. not knowing i had left he asked atticus where i was. atticus of course didn't know. so darek asked him how kennedy got in his room only to be told that when atticus woke up from his nap he heard kennedy awake in her crib in our closet. so instead of going to tell dad he just sauntered on in there himself and pulled her out of her bed and had her follow him back to his room where they played and played for who knows how long before being discovered by dad. this was kind of like the sweetest thing ever. and maybe the scariest thing ever too! i love that they love playing together and i'm real grateful that they must have been surrounded by angels that kept her from falling down the stairs or putting something choakable in her mouth or any of my other nightmares from happening. sweet atticus, good brother. although i did remind him to make sure an adult knows when K is awake from now on.

*sweet baby k ~ thank you for the happy thirteen months*

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