Monday, January 07, 2013


all three of my kids have followed the exact same learning-to-walk pattern
at their first birthday they are always taking a few wobbly steps before plopping down and crawling away
and by 13 months old they are always walking walking walking wobbly wobbly everywhere
i love it ~ i think this is my very favorite stage of young childhood so far


i took K outside this afternoon to get a couple photos of her
only to discover that a pipe had broken and flooded the yard. lame.
so instead i took some continuous pics of her walking in the house and put together a little slide show video
it's not too fancy and i'll probably do a better one at some point but in the meantime it's kind of cute to watch
although the little rascal wouldn't walk towards me ~ only towards the stairs ~ little sneak


oh little kennedy ~ what would i do without you?
and naturally i had to go back and watch the little wobbly walking video of beck HERE too
.time is going too fast.

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cori said...

OH I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! what a little doll she is...i had to watch it again and again because of her little hobbles and toddles. she is so big now. and i love that its black and white and piano-y. so darling and SO her!