Thursday, January 24, 2013

little boy manicures

atticus woke me up this morning by shaking my pink glittery nail polish in my face and asking for a pedicure
like any normal mother i gracefully flopped out of bed and painted the young lad's toes
with high hopes of quieting his requests and sending him on his way
and me back to bed

that didn't happen
instead he proceeded to dig through my drawer
seeking the perfect color for his fingernails
and decided upon silver sparkles
i pretended it didn't matter what his preschool teacher thought of my parenting skills and obliged
but told him first we had to go downstairs and make breakfast - then i'd paint

well, my mad breakfast cooking skills soon had my young son dreaming of chocolate syrup and cupcakes
and he forgot all about his silver sparkly fingernail endeavors
and so did i

until beck came strolling in
with something fantastic to show mom


 photo IMG_7661_zpsc90c50bd.jpg


 photo IMG_7649_zpsf2d11028.jpg

oh he was proud

 photo IMG_7648_zps57a95129.jpg

and so was i

 photo IMG_7657_zps260562ce.jpg

i've got this mother of the year thing in the bag

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Amanda McCoy said...

I can't smiling over this post and cute little Beck!