Thursday, January 17, 2013

kennedy folds her arms
when we pray at dinner every night

 photo IMG_6528_zps0fca617b.jpg

then she claps her hands
when we say amen

 photo IMG_6524_zps9c55021b.jpg

and then she folds her arms again
until we pray again

 photo IMG_6520_zpsb17e878f.jpg

and then she claps her hands again
when we say amen again

 photo IMG_6525_zps6856fa16.jpg

and it's fold, pray clap
fold, pray, clap

until dinner is over

does anyone need any extra prayers?
because we've got plenty to go around


Stacey said...

She is getting so big! And so cute. Love the folding and clapping! We miss you guys!!

Amanda McCoy said...

I LOVE her!