Wednesday, January 09, 2013

new years resolutions


as previously stated, i love the coming of a new year. i am, typically, a big fan of new beginnings, fresh starts and setting new years resolutions ~ however ~ i don't know about you, but i am so sick of setting the same stupid goals every year and feeling like i'm never meeting them! it's so frustrating. it makes me wonder if i'm just living my life year to year without ever making any progress forward. am i alone in this?
so i gave it some extra thought this year and figured i'd just skip goals.
haha. problem solved.

but 2012 was a tough year for me and i didn't want to repeat all my lameness in 2013 so i gave it a little more thought and realized that the reason my goals feel so repetitive and unreachable each year is because i always focus on all the things and areas of my life that i should always be working on. you know what i mean? i should always be trying to grow spiritually, i should always be trying to be a better wife and mother, i should always be exercising and eating well, managing money, serving others, blah, blah, blah, etc. etc. i have all these same goals because these are things i'll be working on my whole life. so finally i decided upon a strategy ~ although i am working on some very major things in all of these very major parts of my life right now and really hoping for some great growth and change this year, i'm not including them in my new years resolutions. instead, i'm setting two goals that are simple, easy and achievable everyday so that everyday i can pat myself on the back and feel like the rockstar i was born to be.
wanna hear them? the two goals that are rockstaring me out on a daily basis?
ok, here it goes:

1) eat a salad a day, and
2) wash my face at night

and that's it

pathetic? kind of
but actually totally not
actually totally great

i don't care if i eat cookie dough all day long, i'm having a salad for dessert, dang it!
and as far as i'm concerned, if i make a green smoothie that is mostly veggies then that counts as a salad. so i've been drinking the GLOWING GREEN SMOOTHIE all week. (although the version i followed also includes cilantro and parsley, found HERE) i don't have a juicer, just a blender so i just over puree it and add extra water. it's not the greatest tasting thing in the world, but i seriously feel so great drinking it everyday. i actually make a huge batch and keep the blender in my fridge then just reblend it each morning/evening and drink a glass full until it's gone. i've been drinking it on the couch in the evenings in front of the tv and haven't had a couch-in-the-evenings-in-front-of-the-tv treat fest since the holidays which feels the greatest of all.

as for my second goal ~ i went to trader joes and got a few of their face washes and products to increase my nighttime face washing enthusiasm, because i suck at washing my face at night and it shows...on my sad, haggard face. i started using trader joes tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner and two of their face moisturizers several months ago because i like that they are pretty basic and natural and not scented (other then the tea tree, but not perfumy) so i thought i'd try some of their other products. plus everything there is CHEAP! perfect! i got two face washes and a bottle of vitamin E oil. i've been washing my face each night (and in the shower in the AM) and applying vitamin E oil before bedtime and again, i think i  love it. it's too soon to say but so far it feels pretty great and i think my skin is looking happier. hooray!

so that's it! so easy and basic and i am totally a rockstar every single day! and as is wont to happen when you're doing good things, it makes you want to do more good things ~ so accomplishing these small goals each day is motivating me to do other daily things like scripture reading, journal writing, floss my's kind of great. it might not last all year but it's lasted this week and that's better than nothing.

how are your new years resolutions going? i'd love to hear!
and feel free to link you're blog if you've blogged about it!
and tell me your favorite green smoothie recipe too!
thanks for reading

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Cecilia said...

Try the oil cleansing method for your face wash. I remember washing faces with you. But seriously the pull cleansing is so great, so cheap, you make it your self and only need two ingredients. It feels wonderful too. TVB