Wednesday, January 23, 2013


one day in a desperate attempt to keep the kids happy in the car we started singing. it's not unusual for us to sing in the car - or at least for me to sing to the kids - but that day i was so surprised that the boys joined in and knew most of the words. atticus has always know the words, but sometimes feels too shy to sing along. beck, however, really surprised me. he just chimed right in and knew all the words - sometimes even better than atticus. we lucked out this year and got permission to graduate beck from nursery to sunbeams even though he doesn't turn three until february. (he'll just repeat sunbeams next year so he'll be on track for sunday school with his age group in the future.) anyway, he has done so well in sunbeams and it appears that singing time has brought out the natural born singer in this kid. i love listening to him, to both of them - they just melt my heart.

so anywho - we made a video
because that's what we do these days

so without further adieu
the mccoy boys charming us with
twinkle twinkle little star
i am a child of god
popcorn popping

oh and their groupie kennedy
dancing, clapping, cheering them on

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