Thursday, January 24, 2013

little boy manicures

atticus woke me up this morning by shaking my pink glittery nail polish in my face and asking for a pedicure
like any normal mother i gracefully flopped out of bed and painted the young lad's toes
with high hopes of quieting his requests and sending him on his way
and me back to bed

that didn't happen
instead he proceeded to dig through my drawer
seeking the perfect color for his fingernails
and decided upon silver sparkles
i pretended it didn't matter what his preschool teacher thought of my parenting skills and obliged
but told him first we had to go downstairs and make breakfast - then i'd paint

well, my mad breakfast cooking skills soon had my young son dreaming of chocolate syrup and cupcakes
and he forgot all about his silver sparkly fingernail endeavors
and so did i

until beck came strolling in
with something fantastic to show mom


 photo IMG_7661_zpsc90c50bd.jpg


 photo IMG_7649_zpsf2d11028.jpg

oh he was proud

 photo IMG_7648_zps57a95129.jpg

and so was i

 photo IMG_7657_zps260562ce.jpg

i've got this mother of the year thing in the bag

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


one day in a desperate attempt to keep the kids happy in the car we started singing. it's not unusual for us to sing in the car - or at least for me to sing to the kids - but that day i was so surprised that the boys joined in and knew most of the words. atticus has always know the words, but sometimes feels too shy to sing along. beck, however, really surprised me. he just chimed right in and knew all the words - sometimes even better than atticus. we lucked out this year and got permission to graduate beck from nursery to sunbeams even though he doesn't turn three until february. (he'll just repeat sunbeams next year so he'll be on track for sunday school with his age group in the future.) anyway, he has done so well in sunbeams and it appears that singing time has brought out the natural born singer in this kid. i love listening to him, to both of them - they just melt my heart.

so anywho - we made a video
because that's what we do these days

so without further adieu
the mccoy boys charming us with
twinkle twinkle little star
i am a child of god
popcorn popping

oh and their groupie kennedy
dancing, clapping, cheering them on

Sunday, January 20, 2013

home decor
ten of my favorite thrifted finds

i've got the house decorating bug this month - sadly - i do not have the budget. blah. isn't that always the case?
so anywho, i've been moseying around my house searching for forgotten treasures or things that can be repurposed and given new life.
i have big visions for our home but alas big visions tend to take years to come to fruition. *sigh*

anyway - i happened upon several photos i had taken for another project and thought i'd share some of my favorite thrifted finds and how i came across them. i am a huge fan of thrift shopping and i love hunting for hidden treasures at yard sales, thrift stores, your closet, where ever. some of these items have been collected over time, given to me by friends who know i was searching for them, or, my personal favorite, found on the side of the road.
in any case - i love me some good vintage finds

milk glass
i bought a pair of milk glass lamps a couple years ago for beck's nursery before i realized that milk glass is kind of like all the rage.
i loved the lamps and started keeping my eye out for milk glass every time i went thrift shopping and have built up a little collection.
here are a few vases, teacups and a goblet that are on a shelf above my pantry (but the owl and teapot are just fakies.)

 photo IMG_3419_zps3e34c414.jpg

and a few more milk glass vases and a candy dish on the shelf above the cabinet and a couple in the slots above the desk.
i love when i have a reason to pull out all the milk glass to use for holiday or birthday candy, dips, treats, etc.
incidentally - i had considered buying the desk clock from ikea a while back
only to find it for $2 at a yard sale the next weekend! score!

FYI - those rooster prints can be printed for free from The Graphics Fairy
and also: people often ask, so HERE's the info on how we painted our cabinets/kitchen

 photo IMG_3425_zps76a0aaab.jpg

refinished desk
a couple years ago when darek and i were working on THIS project (which i already want to redo)
a friend mentioned that she had found a desk on the side of the road that matched the set we were refinishing
so out of the goodness of her heart, and due to her already long list of furniture-refinishing projects
she donated this to our cause - that of furnishing our house - which still has not been completed. ha!
anyway - the desk ended up not fitting in the guest room with the matching set
so it floated around our house a bit until landing here as our entry way table
hmm, sorry for the absent before pic - it appears i neglected to take one

 photo IMG_3429_zps297cbbc9.jpg

vintage trunk
this was a sidewalk find from our cambridge days
it has a label that says its from summer storage on harvard campus
and it makes me feel real smart having it in my home

 photo IMG_3436_zps95659839.jpg

vintage typewriter
long ago in the days before computers, people typed on these crazy contraptions
i had been in the market for a great vintage typewriter for a long time when i happened upon this beauty
at a just-driving-by-and-made-a-last-second-stop yard sale here in LV about a year ago.
FYI - if you didn't already know, vegas is like yard sale capital of the world. random, but so great!
so anyway, this little gem came in a cute little suitcase-type carrying case that i spied from afar
i didn't know what i'd find inside before i opened it but you can bet i did a little jump for joy when this is what i discovered.
plus i totally low balled the kid selling it - he wanted ten, i offered five, he took it

 photo IMG_3452_zps4b3dd1f4.jpg

old school ring-a-ding clock
i love these. i have a few. i'm always drawn to their vintage feel.
and i totally made up the term ring-a-ding for the purposes of this post
not sure what they're really called...?

anyway, when i saw this one at savers i snatched it up without a second thought - even though it doesn't work. ha!

 photo IMG_3458_zpsd4a8bfd0.jpg

books, books, books
i search out vintage books every chance i get
i love finding classics, poetry and historical autobiographies
but i cannot tell a lie - if i think it's cute, i buy it, no matter what it is

 photo IMG_3463-1_zpsea879df3.jpg

my scanti handy washboard
 after years of east coast living - where laundry facilities are rarely easy access - i was pretty thrilled about buying a house with a laundry room
this little room is far from my dream laundry room but it was important to me to make it cute just the same
and HERE is a tutorial on the washer and dryer platform darek built me complete with two huge drawers
which are part heaven and part just hiding place for all the clean laundry i never fold

anyway - i really wanted an old school washboard for my laundry room
um perhaps to make me feel grateful for the washer and dryer that wash and dry all the laundry i never want to fold?
and one day a friend of mine showed up at my house with this little scanty handi that she'd found at a yard sale for a dollar
thanks jeannie! perfect finishing touch

 photo IMG_3468-1_zps9fe218aa.jpg

copper teapot
i'm such a teapot girl. i have many. all over. and really only one that i actually use to boil water
anyway - this copper teapot was a treasure found at a thrift store when we lived in cambridge
it currently resides in the cupboard - such a shame...

 photo IMG_3470_zpsa03feb93.jpg

bottles and jars and bottles and jars
and lots of corks
i don't know why, but i love these. i can never resist buying them.
i use them all over my house for lots of different purposes
soap, q-tips, cotton balls, pasta, rice, salad dressing, etc
these are used in the boys' bathroom

and yes those are framed prints
from Everybody Poops
because everybody poops

 photo IMG_3516_zps7abbaf79.jpg

okay, and one non-home decor bonus item, because i love it
and i happen to have a picture of it

this cameo medallion
one dollar
one yard sale
one victory

 photo IMG_3551_zpsb46c43ee.jpg

pray tell - what are your favorite thrifts finds?
and your favorite thrifting spots?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

kennedy folds her arms
when we pray at dinner every night

 photo IMG_6528_zps0fca617b.jpg

then she claps her hands
when we say amen

 photo IMG_6524_zps9c55021b.jpg

and then she folds her arms again
until we pray again

 photo IMG_6520_zpsb17e878f.jpg

and then she claps her hands again
when we say amen again

 photo IMG_6525_zps6856fa16.jpg

and it's fold, pray clap
fold, pray, clap

until dinner is over

does anyone need any extra prayers?
because we've got plenty to go around

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

now presenting
the mccoy circus

and this, my friends, is why i'm always so tired

Thursday, January 10, 2013

thirteen months old


baby girl was thirteen months old at the beginning of this month
her wobbly walk is so incredibly precious but she's getting better everyday and already getting less wobbly.
i want time to slow down. early walking is one of my very favorite stages of minihood
and it passes too quickly.

it appears that "uh, oh!" is her first real word. she hasn't said much else actually meaning to say it other than "uh, oh."
he loves it - she's know she's being real funny when she drops something and says "uh, oh!"
she's a ham, which is no surprise since we all worship her.

in the picture above she was clapping for herself after putting the balls in the elephant ears. there's no lack of self-confidence with this girl.
she always claps after we say "amen" after a prayer too. i love it. apparently she's rather thrilled we're all taking the time to pray together. haha!

a couple days ago when i asked the boys to fold their arms for prayer, kennedy did it too! i couldn't believe it.
first she just put her arms against her chest, but she has since actually started putting one arm over the other like she's folding them.
it's so sweet and precious and i don't want it to ever stop.

one day over the holidays when darek had the week off work i went to run some errands while everyone was napping. when darek woke up from his nap on the couch he went upstairs to find atticus and kennedy playing in atticus' room. not knowing i had left he asked atticus where i was. atticus of course didn't know. so darek asked him how kennedy got in his room only to be told that when atticus woke up from his nap he heard kennedy awake in her crib in our closet. so instead of going to tell dad he just sauntered on in there himself and pulled her out of her bed and had her follow him back to his room where they played and played for who knows how long before being discovered by dad. this was kind of like the sweetest thing ever. and maybe the scariest thing ever too! i love that they love playing together and i'm real grateful that they must have been surrounded by angels that kept her from falling down the stairs or putting something choakable in her mouth or any of my other nightmares from happening. sweet atticus, good brother. although i did remind him to make sure an adult knows when K is awake from now on.

*sweet baby k ~ thank you for the happy thirteen months*

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

new years resolutions


as previously stated, i love the coming of a new year. i am, typically, a big fan of new beginnings, fresh starts and setting new years resolutions ~ however ~ i don't know about you, but i am so sick of setting the same stupid goals every year and feeling like i'm never meeting them! it's so frustrating. it makes me wonder if i'm just living my life year to year without ever making any progress forward. am i alone in this?
so i gave it some extra thought this year and figured i'd just skip goals.
haha. problem solved.

but 2012 was a tough year for me and i didn't want to repeat all my lameness in 2013 so i gave it a little more thought and realized that the reason my goals feel so repetitive and unreachable each year is because i always focus on all the things and areas of my life that i should always be working on. you know what i mean? i should always be trying to grow spiritually, i should always be trying to be a better wife and mother, i should always be exercising and eating well, managing money, serving others, blah, blah, blah, etc. etc. i have all these same goals because these are things i'll be working on my whole life. so finally i decided upon a strategy ~ although i am working on some very major things in all of these very major parts of my life right now and really hoping for some great growth and change this year, i'm not including them in my new years resolutions. instead, i'm setting two goals that are simple, easy and achievable everyday so that everyday i can pat myself on the back and feel like the rockstar i was born to be.
wanna hear them? the two goals that are rockstaring me out on a daily basis?
ok, here it goes:

1) eat a salad a day, and
2) wash my face at night

and that's it

pathetic? kind of
but actually totally not
actually totally great

i don't care if i eat cookie dough all day long, i'm having a salad for dessert, dang it!
and as far as i'm concerned, if i make a green smoothie that is mostly veggies then that counts as a salad. so i've been drinking the GLOWING GREEN SMOOTHIE all week. (although the version i followed also includes cilantro and parsley, found HERE) i don't have a juicer, just a blender so i just over puree it and add extra water. it's not the greatest tasting thing in the world, but i seriously feel so great drinking it everyday. i actually make a huge batch and keep the blender in my fridge then just reblend it each morning/evening and drink a glass full until it's gone. i've been drinking it on the couch in the evenings in front of the tv and haven't had a couch-in-the-evenings-in-front-of-the-tv treat fest since the holidays which feels the greatest of all.

as for my second goal ~ i went to trader joes and got a few of their face washes and products to increase my nighttime face washing enthusiasm, because i suck at washing my face at night and it shows...on my sad, haggard face. i started using trader joes tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner and two of their face moisturizers several months ago because i like that they are pretty basic and natural and not scented (other then the tea tree, but not perfumy) so i thought i'd try some of their other products. plus everything there is CHEAP! perfect! i got two face washes and a bottle of vitamin E oil. i've been washing my face each night (and in the shower in the AM) and applying vitamin E oil before bedtime and again, i think i  love it. it's too soon to say but so far it feels pretty great and i think my skin is looking happier. hooray!

so that's it! so easy and basic and i am totally a rockstar every single day! and as is wont to happen when you're doing good things, it makes you want to do more good things ~ so accomplishing these small goals each day is motivating me to do other daily things like scripture reading, journal writing, floss my's kind of great. it might not last all year but it's lasted this week and that's better than nothing.

how are your new years resolutions going? i'd love to hear!
and feel free to link you're blog if you've blogged about it!
and tell me your favorite green smoothie recipe too!
thanks for reading

Monday, January 07, 2013


all three of my kids have followed the exact same learning-to-walk pattern
at their first birthday they are always taking a few wobbly steps before plopping down and crawling away
and by 13 months old they are always walking walking walking wobbly wobbly everywhere
i love it ~ i think this is my very favorite stage of young childhood so far


i took K outside this afternoon to get a couple photos of her
only to discover that a pipe had broken and flooded the yard. lame.
so instead i took some continuous pics of her walking in the house and put together a little slide show video
it's not too fancy and i'll probably do a better one at some point but in the meantime it's kind of cute to watch
although the little rascal wouldn't walk towards me ~ only towards the stairs ~ little sneak


oh little kennedy ~ what would i do without you?
and naturally i had to go back and watch the little wobbly walking video of beck HERE too
.time is going too fast.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

new years s'mores

happy new years!! hooray for 2013!
i was so happy to bid 2012 farewell. i love new years!
i love new beginnings and second chances
or in this case two thousanth thirteenth chances

we kicked the year off with s'mores and hot chocolate
KG eating her mallow that we cooked over our gas stove flame on a chopstick ~ classy


the boys celebrating


and beck feeling envious of atticus' s'more


don't worry ~ he got one too



and naturally atticus just ended up adding all the huge mallows to his hot chocolate

we put the kids to bed at their normal bedtime then watched a movie
darek was beat so he went to bed early but i dilly dallied until i could watch all the fireworks on tv
i watched and listened to the booms and celebrated the new year and was in bed by 12:07
party animals

hope you had a fun time celebrating the arrival of 2013