Saturday, December 01, 2012

this little boy
had m&m's for breakfast
and for dinner


i wish i were lying or making up stories so that i'd have something to blog about but no.
it's the truth. m&m's. breakfast. dinner.

it all started last night when darek (the true culprit in this story) was eating m&m's in front of the tv.
now we all know that if you must partake of deliciousness at night after the children slumber
then you must also destroy all evidence of such deliciousness before retiring, else the children
find and partake in the early morning hours.

well, darek did not heed this number one rule of parenting and instead left the m&m's unguarded.
upon the couch, begging for little hands and little mouths.

so fast forward six hours when beck came in to awaken me from my slumber
and i, in true 6 am fashion, immediately heeded his request to watch i could go back to sleep

so we go downstairs
into the tv room
and lo and behold
awaiting small hands and small mouths

he demands
i object
he demands
i object
he demands
i yawn
i do not object

but at least i did what any sensible mother would do and poured half the bag in a kitchen drawer
before handing it to him and sending him to the couch and his batman and me back to bed

so he ate and ate and ate and finished them all up
except for the many i spilled on the kitchen floor in my effort to hide half
which atticus promptly consumed upon his awakening, also prior to breakfast

i am a champion mom

when we got up from nap and beck and i were stumbling about the kitchen,
me pretending i'm going to make dinner, beck pretending he's going to eat dinner
and what did he come across but a drawer full of m&m's

he demands
i object
he demands
i object
he demands
i concede and decide to blog about it


so this got me thinking about the funny things that beck does and says that i've been meaning to blog about. because here's the truth friends, beck very well could be my funniest child. all my kids are funny and silly and make me laugh, but beck is funny on purpose. like future class clown funny. today for example, we walked about of the playroom at the gym and it was really windy and right away beck starts flailing his arms about and throwing himself side to side and front and back and saying "whoa! whooooooa! WHOOOOOAAA!" like he's being blown away by the wind. i was dying. he was hilarious. and i starting thinking to myself, "where do two year olds learn this kind of stuff?"
he's hilarious. the funniest. and i love it.

so a couple other beckisms while we're on the subject

tonight i asked beck if he was a kid and he said, "no, i'm a big boy."
then i asked him if atticus was a kid and he said, "no, he's a big boy."
so then i asked him if dad was a kid and he said, "no, he's a darek."
so then i asked him if we have a baby in our family and he said,
"no, we have a baby in our closet."

get it? because kennedy still sleeps in our closet
oh man. i was rolling. where do two year olds come up with this stuff?
and yet he was right on

so we all know that beck worships his kitty, right?
well he also has a favorite blankie so life revolves around kitty and blankie
well sometime in recent months beck adopted an additional blankie
so now life revolves around kitty and blankies
i mean like in bed, on the couch, in the car, at walmart, where ever
kitty and blankies are there

so if beck is asking about or talking about kitty and blankies and yet can only find blankie #1 he asks,
"mom, where's my other one blankie?"

and this has become his way of asking for any additional anything
"mom, where's my other one shoe?"
"where's my other one batman?"
"where's my other one m&m?"

and if there are two of something - ie - the two planes he saw in the sky this week, it's
"mom! there's TWO ONES!"

1 + 1 = two ones

incidentally the batmobile is actually called the batman-bill
and syrup is cere-up - like a mixture of cereal and syrup. yum.

so on a final note: i did take a picture of beck consuming his second meal of m&m's this evening but it was blurry
and so i opted instead for one of him eating jingle bells behind the christmas tree while we decked our halls last weekend.
oh did i say jingle bells? i meant tinkerbells. all day long beck is asking to play with the tinkerbells.
no jingle bells in this house, only tinkerbells

love you beck


Melynne said...

best post ever!!!!! so so great. thanks for the laughs!

Kate said...

Soren used to say ”two ones” and it has become a permanent part of Logan and my vocabulary when talking to one another. Beck sounds adorable and hilarious.