Monday, December 24, 2012

christmas eve traditions

here are a couple shots from my phone of our christmas eve traditions
the traditional christmas jammies in front of the tree

i love that beckett and kennedy are looking at each other in this picture
one of the most incredible motherhood experiences i've had this last year of being a mother of three
has been to see how much atticus and beckett both love kennedy
they each share a truly special relationship with one another
and this fills my heart with joy and gratitude

we also opened this year's christmas book and read it together on christmas eve
darek got us The Christmas Train by Thomas S. Monson

it's the perfect story for teaching my children generosity during the holiday season

and daddy reading with the boys

kennedy was also present for the reading, but she mostly kept trying to eat the pages
so she got reassigned to the floor


merry christmas eve!

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cori said...

we got that book too! same same and i love that we pre dated all these posts. or maybe you didn't and i am reading them super late. anyway, love that pre-date feature blogger offers now.