Tuesday, December 04, 2012

beck follow up

so before i move on to blogging kennedy's first birthday (today!!)
i have to tell you the follow up to the beck having m&m's for breakfast and dinner story (previous post)

so, the next morning we had a little repeat 6am asking-to-watch-a-show encounter
again we stumbled down the stairs and into the tv room per our standard morning routine

whilst i toiled away at putting on a movie, beck sauntered through the kitchen in search of snacks
he opened the pantry door and spying a box of graham crackers on the top shelf decided that was his snack of choice
in typical broken record fashion he began informing me

i want crackers
i want crackers
i want crackers
i want crackers
i want crackers

by the tenth or so "i want crackers" i had managed to get the show started and make my way into the kitchen
by then, of course, he had scaled the first two shelves in hot pursuit of the grahams
and what did he encounter but the bag of skittles i had hid the morning before
are you kidding me?

so naturally he quickly forgets the crackers and start broken recording about the skittles
despite my 6am fog i have decided that i will not allow a repeat candy for breakfast episode
however by the time i reach the pantry and realize he's scaled the first two shelves
he has reached for and spilled the bag of skittles everywhere

now the irrational but far easier thing to do here would be to tell him to just clean them up and ah heck! have them for breakfast.
but i was firm. thou shalt not partake of candy for two consecutive breakfasts
so instead, i quickly sweep them all up while the young lad looked on longingly

"but mom, i want skittles."
"sorry beck, no candy this morning."

sad face
droopy eyes
head hung low

until what's this?
a pajama pocket FULL of skittles?
toddler victory!!

apparently when beck pulled the bag down and spilled the skittles the majority of them
filled up the pocket on the chest of his jammies! i mean FULL!
i am not kidding, beck hung his head in sadness at my refusal
only to discover a pocket full of skittles

he gave a delighted little laugh and a subtle little shrug
reached in
and skipped away

beck: 2
mom: zilch

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Melynne said...

you are killin me! tell beck we are bringing him some cookies so he can switch it up and have those for a power breakfast tomorrow! i love that you blog about this stuff! i just cry!