Friday, December 07, 2012

answers from a five year old
photo taken at bass pro shop


so last year i started the little tradition - as seen on pintrest, no doubt - of asking the kids all their favorites and listing them each year to see how their answers change. atticus is still obsessed with superheros so i'm not sure much has changed but we shall see.

alrighty atticus, what's your favorite:

number: 5 (duh)
letter: A (duh)
color: blue, black, red
song: twinkle twinkle little star
although rudolph the rednose reindeer is gaining in popularity
friend: grayson
thing to do: watch shows and play games
thing to draw: curious george
thing at the gym playroom: the slide
thing are school: candy and legos
treat: marshmallows
food: cereal, rice crispies
clothes: lego star wars shirt
drink: ice water and special juice
thing in the backyard: the slide (again)
at the park: the slide (a third time!)
about your room: playing legos
in the playroom: watching shows
book: the giving tree
kind of art: painting and drawing
person: mom (woo hoo!) and beck
show: curious george
game: batman on dad's PSP
thing to do with dad: wrestle
thing to do with mom: bake
thing to do with beck: wrestle and chase
thing to do with kennedy: snuggle

and finally, what did you ask santa for?
a leap pad

hm, i don't think much has changed since last year
perhaps i need to expose this child to more culture

also a couple of funny atticusisms lately:

as we were making RKTs (that's Rice Krispie Treats, FYI and i wish i had me some right now!)
he handed me a marshmallow from his bag and said,
"mom, do you want to try my marshmallow? it tastes like a cloud."

and recently while showing me a grand display of "guns" he explained to me that,
"this one shoots fire. this one shoots bullets. and this one shoots a mouse."
"a mouse?"
"yeah it shoots a mouse that bites the bad guy. and this one shoots cheese.
really sticky cheese that gets all over the bad guy and stops him."

hm, sounds like he's rather cultured after all

so these three little crazies also had wellness checks today


and i know you're dying for the stats so you can update your records on my children's growth...ok, twist my arm

kennedy: 12 months old
height: 29 inches, 40th percentile
weight: 20 lbs. 28th percentile
she's losing her chub
mini head: 44.5 cm
27th percentile

beckett: 2 years, 9 months
height: 39 1/4 inches, 89th percentile
weight: 38 lbs., 95th percentile
mini head: 48 3/4 cm
30th percentile

atticus: 5 years old
height: 47 inches, 97th percentile
weight: 50 lbs., 92nd percentile

beck and kennedy also surprised us with symptomless ear infections
not gonna lie - i felt like a bad mom. their doctor assured me i wasn't
i might have teared up a's been one of those weeks

kennedy and beckett also took their shots like a couple a gold medal champs
atticus...not so much. age has brought wisdom. little brother and sister are still living in the ignorance is bliss stage of life
i felt bad, epscially since it was an optional shot - the flu shot. i know shots/vaccines are a personal choice and can be controversial but with the contact at school/church/the gym i wanted some hope of not collecting germs. do you get your kids flu shots? just curious.

okie dokie
ta ta for now


Kate said...

I wish Atticus and Soren could hang out! I think they'd be adorable little friends. Though (not surprisingly based on OUR height difference) Soren and Beckett are pretty much the same size :)

Crazy Lady said...

i do the flu mist now. but this year i just did the two littlest. Darby almost kicked a nurse when she was about 4 or 5 getting a flu shot.

love hearing about it even the stats! luke was 95 percent weight the last time i took him (which I stopped doing actually cause he is old now) but i'm jealous of those height numbers!