Sunday, November 11, 2012

eleven months old


this sweet little miss was 11 months old last week and before i fall prey to the anti-bloggies again i best be getting her 11 month old self blogged and recorded before she officially graduates from babyhood to toddlerhood. i can't believe it. her happy little life has been recorded via iPhone and instagram, much more than the blog, but not because she doesn't deserve some serious bloggy love. on the contrary. every single moment of her baby life touches my heart every single day. clearly Heavenly Father knew i'd be tempted to pull the plug on this multiply and replenish the earth business if my third babe was a toughie, so He sent me a tender mercy straight from heaven. i know, i know. so annoying to hear parents all blabbity about how perfect their kids are and let's be honest, motherhood is never perfect. but don't roll your eyes and black list my blog for this baby love because i know babies are hard work and trust me, her big brothers have given me a run for my mommy money, (and sanity) this past year. it ain't been easy folks. motherhood. life. etc. it's all designed to give us both heartache and growth. in fact, i do believe this year has been the hardest, or perhaps the second hardest, of my 34 years.
but thank heavens (literally) for kennedy who saves me on a daily basis.

so i realize i'll be getting my fair share of girlie drama before this miss is off our payroll in 18 years, but for now i'm just going to enjoy the good stuff and take it one day at a time. she's naturally a good eater and a good sleeper and a mellow-babe-in-the-carseat/stroller-er so that in and of itself helps lighten the motherhood load. but she additionally takes a pacifier (amen!) and has yet to grow any teeth, which also clearly contributes to a happy and easy first year of life.

she's an old soul. she looks at me with knowing eyes when i just want to shut down and turn off my life for a while. she smiles and loves me even during my i'm-sucking-as-a-mother days and follows me around like a puppy, crawling and panting and begging for snacks all day long. she often snuggles into  my face and tries to eat it, specifically my chin, and this slobbery love helps me through the tiring days. she's cruising along furniture and has started to stand for a few seconds at a time without holding onto anything. i see her considering taking a step then thinking to herself, "nah" and instead she plops on down on her buns and crawls on her merry way. she's also started wobble walking with her baby walker. one of my favorite milestones. it's all so cute my heart might explode out of my body. she's definitely found her voice recently though and let's me know when she wants something (ie, food off my plate) - just a little preview of future drama, i'm sure, but i can appreciate an opinionated girl that stands up for herself so it's fine. and she loves to feed herself, so over this being spoon fed purees nonesense.

her enthusiasm for food, sippy cups and most anything she sees you're about to hand to her can be witnessed in the twirling, twirling, twirling of her wrists and ankles. she get so excited to grab onto whatever she sees coming her way that her hands and feet start spinning like a wind up toy in overdrive. or she'll flex her legs straight out in front of her and snuggle down into her belly out of sheer excitement, too much to be contained in her mini body. and if she's standing up she'll lift onto her tippy toes and stick her belly forward as if that will speed the delivery of whatever goodness she's awaiting.

she's also a clapper and a high-fiver and just barely making efforts at being a waver. one night about a month ago she was third wheeling a date with darek and i at dinner and she reached across the table and turned darek's hand over so she could put her little toy right into his palm. he wasn't even looking at her when she did it. he just suddenly felt this tiny hand grab onto his. so sweet and tender. no doubt she's learned the great art of sharing from her big brothers (this, my friends, is a joke). actually she loves her big brothers more than all the num nums in the world. and they love her. despite the daily sensation of repeatedly smashing my head against the wall, this is the most true and pure joy in my life. my sweet babes and especially the love they have for each other. these moments make the motherhood headaches so very worth it. i was ranting and raving recently to a friend in all my dramatic flair and she handed me the valuable bit of adivce: you need to stop having kids! (she was just joking, but in that kids-can-make-you-bonkers kind of way which i'm sure we can all appreciate) and just as quick as that my heart changed and i told her that my kids are the happiest things in my life. and especially kennedy's first year. despite the sleep deprivation and circles the size of china under my eyes i'm so grateful these little souls agreed to put up with my sometimes sub-par mothering and travel the ups and downs of life by my side.

thank you sweet kids
i'm so exhausted and blessed to have you

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Amanda & Garlan McCoy said...

I love her smile and I love you!