Monday, October 22, 2012

carving carving 

so i took a few random pictures of our pumpkin carving shenanigans last week

and then realized i never took picture of neither the actual carving
nor the final results

oh well
at least i got beck
and how grossed out he was by pumpkin guts


barely a glance inside the pumpkin

he did however, have a grand old time playing with my "pirate" salt and pepper shakers
(do you recognize these brooke? i love them!)

so...see? how random the pictures are?
nary a jack-o-lantern to be seen

and since atticus has since smashed his on the concrete
the ole jack-o-lanterns will likely not be making any blog appearances this year


um, ok!
see ya!

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

St. George Marathon

Friday night at the Marathon Expo
Had so many people asking for my autograph. Weird.
(thanks again Mars for the cool new shirt!)


4:30am Drop-off to get bused 26.2 miles away.

Waiting around at the Starting Line for almost 2 hrs. 
Everyone huddles around dozens of bonfires trying to stay warm. 
Waiting was the worst. Nerves won't go away. Just waiting and waiting in the cold.

Overhearing others' conversations and how this is their 11th marathon, 30th marathon, etc.
A few of us first-timers find each other and bond quickly. "What did we get ourselves into?"

 Everyone gathering to start.
That's the Starting Line in front of those balloons. 
Took 10 mins after the gun just to reach it. Over 7,000 runners (all of us insane). 
I started out running near the 4:30 Pacer. And no, that for sure wasn't my finishing time.

Finish Line: 5hrs 47mins

5,338th Place!!!
...out of 5,696 who finished! 


 Thanks again for everyone's support, advice, training music, gifts, well-wishes, texts, and prayers! Thanks to Amberli for supporting me and being my cheerleader.
Definitely needed all of it to finish. 
Marathon's ain't easy!

But glad I did it. 
Just something I wanted to do for me.

 Anyway, where's the next Iron Man happening?