Monday, August 13, 2012

record keeping

so i've been doing some organizational projects around the ole casa and came across some journals
and then i found a bunch of journals
and there were also a lot of journals

so i took a picture
and perused a few
and decided to blog about it

so these are just the journals i came across in my bedside table or right under my bed next to my bedside table. a few of the early ones (three or four from high school and college) were in a cabinet with photo albums that i'm reorganizing. i'm missing four that are packed away in my mission boxes in my garage. i have several random entries on my computer. and of course the blog. that's a lot of blah, blah, blah in my life. some of them are really fun to reread, some of them deserve to have pages torn out and destroyed. some of them are only partially filled and some are designated for a specific purpose.

the Q&A on the top asks a different question each day and has space to fill in for five years
so you can see how your answers change from year to year

the blue one that is five journals from the top is the journal i started for atticus when i very first found out i was pregnant. in fact i started it with my first pregnancy which i miscarried then continued it when i got pregnant again. i told him what is was like to be pregnant with him and prepare for his arrival. i recorded his birth story and pretty much every detail of his young life until i filled it to the very brim. it's also stuffed full of mementos like his first birthday hat smooshed flat. 

the green journal just below it is beck's journal. his has fewer entries since all the details of his growth are on the blog.
i'll still write in it tho until it's full of his little life too.

a friend gave me the baby blue one just below beck's at kennedy's baby shower...
it's still empty
poor third child


the black one right in the middle should probably be burned
it's got some serious growing pains recorded in it
i don't know if i'm brave enough to reread it

same goes for the purple snake skin one two above it

there's an international envelope poking out of the cream colored journal
that's squished between the coral spiral bound book and the green "journal" journal
that's a letter from darek's mission

that cream one probably has lots and lots of lovey dove smooshy goo from the year i first met him
and so does the grey one two below it

there's a gapping hole in my life when i look at these journals
that's because one week before i finished my semester in jerusalem my backpack got stolen
and with it my journal, where i had written down every single solitary thing i did, saw, learned and felt while i was there
i cried when it was stolen
a lot

and the bottom one - the spiral bound notebook
that's a leftover notebook from grad school
i ripped out all the grad school notes
and have recorded my dreams in it ever since
it's full of madness

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