Tuesday, August 07, 2012

my dad
and my daughter

i feel so lucky to have these two in my life
and i feel so lucky that they have each other in their lives

one of my grandpas passed away when i was younger than K is now
and the other passed away when i was ten years old

i wish i had known each of them better
and i wish i had a picture with them like this


it's roper family folklore that my entering the family was (ahem) "unplanned"
and that perhaps the first words out of my dad's mouth when my mom announced her pregnancy may have been
"this better be a joke"

but clearly i was no joke
and clearly my dad changed his tune
because we've been besties since i left the womb

and i can't tell you how it touches my heart to see my daughter with my dad
 it's also been determined that the blue of her eyes is not the same as mine
but the same as my dad's, and that makes it even better


i wish i had thought to get a close up of their eyes - next time

while i was in utah i told my parents that us kids should interview them and ask them
all kinds of questions about their younger lives and record it so we'd have a record of their lives before us
and although we did get to chatting with my dad about life growing up on an idaho farm
we didn't record it! ugh! next time!

so in an effort to keep a record of my own family's lives:

 kennedy turned eight months old
a couple days ago


and i know each of these photos pretty much look all the same to the untrained eye
but i stare at her all day every day and i love each tiny expression she makes
she's so interested in everyone and everything around her
and surprised by most everything she sees


and sometimes kind of confused


and her little snarls are pretty much my fav

she still has zero interest in having teeth
which is really no big deal since she loooves eating food from those little meshy thingies
that hold fruits and veggies and she can just mash them up and suck them out to her little heart's content
she literally trembles with excitement when she sees the little meshy coming
and twirls and twirls and twirls her hands and feet until she can get a hold of it
especially if its pears or watermelon - can't contain the excitement



so despite all the fake outs she's also holding off on crawling for now
she's decided that she'd rather just stick to rolling and working on her core doing plank exercises
not that we don't offer plenty of tempting incentives


and occasionally her efforts really wear her out and she has to lay down for a belly break
but here's the secret mommy-of-three truth:
i don't really want her to crawl yet - because then i'd have to chase
and there's already plenty of chasing my life
(see exhibit Atticus and exhibit Beckett)

so anywho - that's the update of the sweet babe
i'll save the update on the losing-my-mind week i had last week for another post
and instead allow you all to believe that my life is as beautiful and easy peasy as it looks on this blog
because it ain't - but tonight let's just play pretend


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Trisha said...

What a sweet picture of your dad. Your kids are adorable!