Wednesday, August 15, 2012

i am on a roll


so it's no secret that i've had a couple of tough weeks
just your typical hormonal, sleeplessness dealing with a two year old who has suddenly
started sleeping three hours less per night - no biggie, all moms have done it. so i said lots of prayers
and ate lots of treats and read THIS book and survived to tell the tale.

in fact, i don't want to toot my own horn, but i've been rocking it this week (toot toot)
i finally feel like i've pulled myself back together.
i'm cooking
i'm cleaning
i'm showering
i'm amazing

today was a particularly great day. play date = little boy heaven galore.
i cleaned and played and was fun happy cheerful mom
at one point i even had the audacity to think to myself
"man, i wish i was this kind of mom everyday!"


so the kids get up from naps and we get ready for the gym
the boys don't totally want to go so i bribe them with chocolate - i do not consider this a parenting fail
i'm changing K's poopy diaper and letting her roll around a bit with her buns exposed to help with our
six week battle of the diaper rash which is finally clearing up - not a parenting fail
i finish getting the boys ready and am standing at the sink washing my hands

i hear a little gag
i look up
i cringe
i look closer
K has attacked and
the poopy diaper
(which i had set several feet away but not taken out yet)
head to toe, hands and face

and the gag? because the pacifier was in. her. mouth.
parenting fail

really? i mean, really?
needless to say i scrubbed scrubbed and scrubbed
and went to the gym with a slightly nauseated stomach

just when i thought i had this parenting thing in the bag


Melynne said...

that was the best post!! and the worst!! love reading about your epic wins and fails... we are all on such a ride! calling your right now!

Amanda said...

Hilarious, Oh my gosh, I love it! I couldn't help but laugh and no doubt all mommies can relate to this classic parenting moment!