Wednesday, August 15, 2012

i am on a roll


so it's no secret that i've had a couple of tough weeks
just your typical hormonal, sleeplessness dealing with a two year old who has suddenly
started sleeping three hours less per night - no biggie, all moms have done it. so i said lots of prayers
and ate lots of treats and read THIS book and survived to tell the tale.

in fact, i don't want to toot my own horn, but i've been rocking it this week (toot toot)
i finally feel like i've pulled myself back together.
i'm cooking
i'm cleaning
i'm showering
i'm amazing

today was a particularly great day. play date = little boy heaven galore.
i cleaned and played and was fun happy cheerful mom
at one point i even had the audacity to think to myself
"man, i wish i was this kind of mom everyday!"


so the kids get up from naps and we get ready for the gym
the boys don't totally want to go so i bribe them with chocolate - i do not consider this a parenting fail
i'm changing K's poopy diaper and letting her roll around a bit with her buns exposed to help with our
six week battle of the diaper rash which is finally clearing up - not a parenting fail
i finish getting the boys ready and am standing at the sink washing my hands

i hear a little gag
i look up
i cringe
i look closer
K has attacked and
the poopy diaper
(which i had set several feet away but not taken out yet)
head to toe, hands and face

and the gag? because the pacifier was in. her. mouth.
parenting fail

really? i mean, really?
needless to say i scrubbed scrubbed and scrubbed
and went to the gym with a slightly nauseated stomach

just when i thought i had this parenting thing in the bag
moving on


"Finish each day and be done with it.
You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept it;
forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely
and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonesense."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

so good right?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

my las vegas bucket list

have you ever screamed? like a real live scream?
like a deep fear ripping through your chest blood curdling scream?
i have
on the stratosphere

i didn't mean to
i didn't really expect to
i actually felt surprised and thought to myself, "i can't believe how loud i'm screaming right now."
but it didn't matter. i couldn't help it. that sucker shot us into the air and i screamed like i'd been blown to space
because i pretty much had

if you don't believe me, here's the proof

we rode the Big Shot last spring when my sister and her family were in town
i highly recommend it to all you brave peeps out there

we took a before picture - where i was peeing my pants
and an after picture - where i was shaking from adrenaline
it was awesome! as soon as it was over i wanted to go it again
but not really
so i didn't

before                                                                            after

so that got me thinking - i never would have guessed in a million years that we would have ended up in las vegas. then again i would never have imagined living in boston either and that was definitely some of the best years of my life. we knew we wouldn't live in boston forever so we were sure to do all the fun, touristy, history-y, culture-y things while we were there which i loved! and now here we are. in the desert. in sin city. and who knows how long we'll be here. maybe a few years, maybe forever.
but just in case, we might as well make a bucket list and start living it up vegas style.

so, without further ado
my las vegas bucket list

ride the big shot (check)
see the dolphins and lions at the mirage (check)
take the kids to bonnie springs (check)
see all the Cirque du Soleil shows (have already seen KA)
see Phantom of the Opera (check)
dance at a nightclub (check)
have a girls trip here (check)
see La Reve
ride the gondolas at the Ventian
swim at as many resort pools as possible
(have already swam at the Cosmo, the Luxor, Bally's and Trump Tower)
ride the NY NY roller coaster, since i haven't done it since college
stay a night somewhere fancy with the hub - probably the Cosmo
have a family portrait in front of the Welcome to Las Vegas sign
also do family portraits at the Neon Museum (aka, the Vegas sign graveyard)
go to lake mead
see the new Hoover Dam
hike red rock
roadtrip (or helicopter ride) to the grand canyon
run the LV rock n roll marathon

hmmm...that's all i can think of for now, but i'm sure this list will grow
what do you think people? any suggestions?

Monday, August 13, 2012

record keeping

so i've been doing some organizational projects around the ole casa and came across some journals
and then i found a bunch of journals
and there were also a lot of journals

so i took a picture
and perused a few
and decided to blog about it

so these are just the journals i came across in my bedside table or right under my bed next to my bedside table. a few of the early ones (three or four from high school and college) were in a cabinet with photo albums that i'm reorganizing. i'm missing four that are packed away in my mission boxes in my garage. i have several random entries on my computer. and of course the blog. that's a lot of blah, blah, blah in my life. some of them are really fun to reread, some of them deserve to have pages torn out and destroyed. some of them are only partially filled and some are designated for a specific purpose.

the Q&A on the top asks a different question each day and has space to fill in for five years
so you can see how your answers change from year to year

the blue one that is five journals from the top is the journal i started for atticus when i very first found out i was pregnant. in fact i started it with my first pregnancy which i miscarried then continued it when i got pregnant again. i told him what is was like to be pregnant with him and prepare for his arrival. i recorded his birth story and pretty much every detail of his young life until i filled it to the very brim. it's also stuffed full of mementos like his first birthday hat smooshed flat. 

the green journal just below it is beck's journal. his has fewer entries since all the details of his growth are on the blog.
i'll still write in it tho until it's full of his little life too.

a friend gave me the baby blue one just below beck's at kennedy's baby shower...
it's still empty
poor third child


the black one right in the middle should probably be burned
it's got some serious growing pains recorded in it
i don't know if i'm brave enough to reread it

same goes for the purple snake skin one two above it

there's an international envelope poking out of the cream colored journal
that's squished between the coral spiral bound book and the green "journal" journal
that's a letter from darek's mission

that cream one probably has lots and lots of lovey dove smooshy goo from the year i first met him
and so does the grey one two below it

there's a gapping hole in my life when i look at these journals
that's because one week before i finished my semester in jerusalem my backpack got stolen
and with it my journal, where i had written down every single solitary thing i did, saw, learned and felt while i was there
i cried when it was stolen
a lot

and the bottom one - the spiral bound notebook
that's a leftover notebook from grad school
i ripped out all the grad school notes
and have recorded my dreams in it ever since
it's full of madness

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

my dad
and my daughter

i feel so lucky to have these two in my life
and i feel so lucky that they have each other in their lives

one of my grandpas passed away when i was younger than K is now
and the other passed away when i was ten years old

i wish i had known each of them better
and i wish i had a picture with them like this


it's roper family folklore that my entering the family was (ahem) "unplanned"
and that perhaps the first words out of my dad's mouth when my mom announced her pregnancy may have been
"this better be a joke"

but clearly i was no joke
and clearly my dad changed his tune
because we've been besties since i left the womb

and i can't tell you how it touches my heart to see my daughter with my dad
 it's also been determined that the blue of her eyes is not the same as mine
but the same as my dad's, and that makes it even better


i wish i had thought to get a close up of their eyes - next time

while i was in utah i told my parents that us kids should interview them and ask them
all kinds of questions about their younger lives and record it so we'd have a record of their lives before us
and although we did get to chatting with my dad about life growing up on an idaho farm
we didn't record it! ugh! next time!

so in an effort to keep a record of my own family's lives:

 kennedy turned eight months old
a couple days ago


and i know each of these photos pretty much look all the same to the untrained eye
but i stare at her all day every day and i love each tiny expression she makes
she's so interested in everyone and everything around her
and surprised by most everything she sees


and sometimes kind of confused


and her little snarls are pretty much my fav

she still has zero interest in having teeth
which is really no big deal since she loooves eating food from those little meshy thingies
that hold fruits and veggies and she can just mash them up and suck them out to her little heart's content
she literally trembles with excitement when she sees the little meshy coming
and twirls and twirls and twirls her hands and feet until she can get a hold of it
especially if its pears or watermelon - can't contain the excitement



so despite all the fake outs she's also holding off on crawling for now
she's decided that she'd rather just stick to rolling and working on her core doing plank exercises
not that we don't offer plenty of tempting incentives


and occasionally her efforts really wear her out and she has to lay down for a belly break
but here's the secret mommy-of-three truth:
i don't really want her to crawl yet - because then i'd have to chase
and there's already plenty of chasing my life
(see exhibit Atticus and exhibit Beckett)

so anywho - that's the update of the sweet babe
i'll save the update on the losing-my-mind week i had last week for another post
and instead allow you all to believe that my life is as beautiful and easy peasy as it looks on this blog
because it ain't - but tonight let's just play pretend