Sunday, July 01, 2012

so the bad new is

that beck gave my camera a tender little toss to the floor recently
and it started taking pictures like this


and i was so sad
so sad, in fact, that i couldn't think about it

but the good news is that one day i was thinking about it
and realized that since it was a focusing problem, it probably was also a lens problem

so i switched lenses
and lo and behold



so the other good news is that it was my crappiest lens that he broke
but crappy or not i do need a zoom lens to keep on my camera most of the time


it's time to buy a new lens! woo hoo!

i should have beck break things for me more often
actually no i shouldn't
my kids are plenty destructive all on their sweet little own
if i want something to stay nice i have to keep it out of their sight and out of their reach

the other day beck destroyed half of the items in my grocery cart before i had even paid for them, by way of a spilled chocolate shake
 it was awesome

and i thought to myself how fitting that was as most things in my life get partially destroyed
or stained
or broken
or lost
almost instantly

am i alone on this?

anywho - all this "oh no beck broke my camera"
and "oh hooray it was only my lens" fiasco
has made me realize how much i miss taking pictures with my real camera
and how much i miss blogging those pictures


#482 on this week's to do list: take pictures
right after #481: buy lens
and right before #483: blog pictures

let's pray for a productive week

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pickygirl said...

I adore Atticus's painted fingernails captured for all time. Proof # million that you are a cool mom