Friday, June 08, 2012

six months old

it's been a whole half of a year since this little lady exited the womb and entered the family
and i really can't remember what life was like without her
although i do remember that i blogged more often...
 and maybe slept more. but not much more so it's cool

anyway, my mom reminded me today that i haven't blogged in a while
so here we go!

i plopped her on a grass this evening for a few photos
and ironically got the best smiles during our practice shots
since as soon as i changed her out of her pajamas she got all confused about how it felt to sit on grass


 see what i mean?


but after the general fool-making of myself, i got some smiles
a good peek-a-boo to the face or smattering of kisses to the neck will always bring some good belly laughs

and don't miss her tiny elf ears - they always deserve extra love

so this sweet babe remains toothless
although with all the tooth-growing effort she made at four o'clock this morning
i thought surely today would be the day
but alas, i was wrong

all that sleeplessness and still no teeth


naturally she's chewing on everything she can possibly get her hands on these days
including the blueberry that beckett put in her mouth this week, which i had to fish out
that beck, such a good sharer. remember how he also put popcorn in her mouth one time?
yeah i've got to keep a close eye on that guy


she's also pulling and pulling and pulling hair
beck started crying last week when kennedy got a good grip on his hair
he did, however, give her a good old head butt two seconds before that so he had it coming

atticus laughed and laughed when i had to come to beck's rescue and save his locks from his sister's love grip
he thought it was so funny, in fact, that he decided to try it himself
he carefully knelt down beside her and bravely lowered his head onto her belly
naturally she got herself two huge handfuls of hair and suddenly i was rescuing atticus too
that's when he decided it wasn't so funny after all


she weighed in at a whopping 18 lbs, 2 oz at her check up this week
and is 25 1/4 inches long
that's right - soft and snuggly and oh so roley poley

and she is indeed roley poley-ing all around the house these days
exploring and chewing on everything she finds
a current favorite hang out is next to the entertainment center where she can reach a pull on one of the drawers
she just grabs that puppy and clanks it around all day long

she's also super babbley and i'm not going to lie - i love every second of it
chitty chat away girlfriend because it warms my heart every time you do!

oh yeah, and she's been practicing her pirate face so she can keep up with her big pirate brothers


she's just a happy sweet girl, always smiling and giggling
every time i pick her up she immediately snuggles into me and often grabs my face and tries to eat it
it's all very sweet and tender and scratchy and slobbery just like it should be
what can i say? i'm smitten
i love you KG



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Jeannie said...

Love it! She is so cute.

P.S. School is out! We need to hang. :)