Thursday, June 14, 2012

photo of the day


so...i've been waiting for my creative juices to kick in all day so i could come up with some brilliant post
that would make you so grateful that you decided to check in on my blog today
this is kind of the best i can come up with
you've got to admit though, that it's pretty great, right?
i mean check out those peek-a-boo eyes ~ to die for, no?

hmmm...since witty creativity is lacking i'll try for honest sentimentality
our week has dramatically improved since i had my crash-and-burn-and-share-it-on-the-blog monday
we've had some fun outings and play dates which always make life more enjoyable
thank you for the love shown us this week by way of comments, etc.
it feels so good to know that i'm not alone

in fact i think i may just be so bold as to share one comment a friend left me this week
because it touched my heart and put things into perspective and perhaps it will do the same for you as well
afterall, who am i to hoard all the goodness?
enjoy a little wisdom from Min at Min and Noah's Ark!

"Yep, I know all about the lonely while surrounded with chaos and noise!
I think God lets us feel alone in this quest of parenting so we find Him.
He is the ONLY one who can possibly see all you did today on behalf of your future warriors..."

so worth sharing, right?
now let's get out there and show them what we've got!

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Crazy Lady said...

great post and great quote from your friend.