Tuesday, June 12, 2012

i hereby declare a blog-a-thon! 


how are you? long time, no (consistent) blog
but that shall be remedied this week - for i hereby declare a blog-a-thon
on account of having uploaded one thousand, one hundred and eleven photos from my iphone yesterday
~ no joke ~
i'm thinking perhaps i should slap a few of those suckers up on this here blog
and i'm far too exhausted and overwhelmed and indifferent to organize them in any kind of sensible fashion
to create sensible blog posts - so instead i'm just going to randomly post and randomly blog so that we may all randomly enjoy
no rhyme, no reason
(well, there may be some rhyming)

first off - this picture - this lovely antique typewriter
(do you even know what a typewriter is? it's like a prehistoric iphone that existed in caveman days)
i got it at a yard sale - for FIVE dollars!! i know, deal of the century, right? i'm so proud

but putting my pride aside (see? rhyming) i'm not going to lie. life has not been easy lately.
i feel kind of lame saying that since i have no real major life issue that's making life tough
but nevertheless, tough it has been. i think it's just motherhood in general. so full of ups and downs.
how can i feel so lonely when i'm surrounded by these mini people twenty-four seven? and yet, sometimes motherhood feels lonely.
am i alone in this? i sure hope not, because then i would have a legitimate reason to feel lonely. ha!

the good news is that the ups out weigh the downs. my sweet kids try my patience but then they forgive me when i lose my patience. yesterday i just was not functioning like a normal human being and at lunch time i got mad at atticus. who even knows why? i'm sure it had something to do with him not being interested in eating while also torturing beckett but in any case i wasn't nice. then i took beckett upstairs and put him down for a nap and came out of beck's room prepared to confront atticus' resistance to naptime. but what did i find? atticus laying down in his room, lights off, all ready for nap, just waiting for me to tuck him in. this has never happened all the 56 months of his toddler life. there was not even a trace of feeling mad at me for being mad at him. only sweet atticus, being sweet and cutting me some serious slack, that i did not deserve. it melted my heart and made everything all right.
so that my friends, is what makes it all worth it
and that's worth blogging about



becky said...

I think we all have ups and downs. I was really down last week for two days straight on vacation. I am not sure why but my patience was not there and eventually had to take a mommy time out for the night. Bryan was sweet and kept the kids upstairs while I watched tv and did my coupons in the basement of the cabin. Totally needed it. I also ask for timeouts weekly even if it is to the grocery store for an hour or somewhere that I can have a break. good luck you are an awesome mom.

Crazy Lady said...

Woot woot

Gramma Dani said...

Sweet boys - I remember those frustrations. But the bad news is - I also remember using one of those typewriters....a lot!

Melynne said...

I love your candid this-is-my-life blogging. Yep, I know all about the lonely while surrounded with chaos and noise! I think God let's us feel alone in this quest of parenting so we find Him. He is the ONLY one who can possibly see all you did today in behalf of your future warriors...

pickygirl said...

I absolutely love reading your stuff. And seeing your pictures, and feeling like I can almost hear Atticus talking to me.. Love you!