Wednesday, June 13, 2012

the bug and his pink nails


so a couple years ago i painted atticus' nails black for halloween
and he's wanted his nails painted ever since

i can't paint my fingernails or toenails without him noticing and immediately asking that i paint his too
so what do we end up with? a four year old boy playing superhero-pirate-cowboy-dragon-slayer with pink nails
so i got wise
i spent 30 minutes and 30 dollars at walmart last weekend picking out "boy" colors
i came home and proudly announced to darek that i had bought boy color nail polishes for atticus
to which he replied, "there are no boy colors when it comes to nail polish."
i ignored him and painted my nails blue
and wouldn't you know it, the second atticus walked into my room the next morning he said
"MOM! where did you get those blue nails?? i want blue nails too!!"
worked like a charm

so we had matching blue nails
for a day...
until he found the one teeny tiny bottle of pink glittery nail polish

needless to say - my nails are still blue
his on the other hand, are not

i guess darek was right

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