Saturday, June 16, 2012



so last night we left the kids with a babysitter for date night
after atticus had gone to bed our babysitter was feeding and rocking kennedy but could hear atticus calling from his room
when she was finally able to go check on him he was no where to be found!
she checked the whole house
the backyard
the front yard
the garage
no where

she was freaking out
she kept calling and calling his name
and finally she heard him giggle

from under his bed!!!
that sneaky sneak was hiding under his bed the whole time
giving our poor babysitter a heart attack
i paid her extra

two nights ago he got up and made a very convincing case for himself
as to why he should be able to come downstairs and snuggle me for a while
 and trust me when he says, "i want to snuggle you" it pretty much just melts my heart right out of my chest
but i stayed strong
it was past bedtime so no downstairs snuggling
instead i just went into his room for snuggling
because let's be honest, how can i pass up the snuggling?

so we hung out for a while and had a nice long conversation about how he'll be five after his next birthday
and how he's going to get all kinds of spiderman stuff for his birthday and how there will be a
spiderman jump house again this year and a spiderman cake and spiderman, spiderman, spiderman
sounds like a serious party

then we sang twinkle twinkle little star for the 9,876,543rd time

and he had me rolling
i don't know where they come from but the funniest things come out of his mouth
and it's time to write some of them down


first a little atticus vocab:
"pock-sible" = popsicle
"hop-sible" = hospital

"see you next morrow" = see you later/tomorrow
"after one more dark and one more sunny" = tomorrow
"yesterday" = still means anything that happened more than an hour ago

a "hot sick" is a fever and he explained to me the other night how the sun
gave him some big germs so now he has a "hot sick" and really needs some medicine


he also recently got a quick view of my (ahem) i've-had-three-babies tummy and said,
"mom, i see that you are getting a baby in your tummy!"
 (no, i'm not pregnant...just still recovering from being pregnant)
he was so excited too! so positive that it would be another baby sister so then there would be
three boys (counting daddy, naturally) in the family and three girls (counting mommy)

whenever he needs to describe how long or short or big or small or whatever
something is he does it with his fingers
so he might be an inch hungry
or a foot wide tired
and don't forget that utah is two whole arm lengths drive away


i got home from running a couple mornings ago to find him making his own breakfast
cocopuffs (darek purchased them, i hid them, atticus found them)
of which he informed me "taste really good but look like poop."

atticus has been helping darek build a swingset in the back yard
and although it's done he asks darek every evening when he gets home to
"come out and build with me dad!"
he loves the swingset and for several mornings after building it
we would wake up and discover that atticus was out swinging
just swinging and swinging and swinging
who knows how long he'd been out there
maybe a couple hours

one night while building it was really windy and driving them crazy
darek said that superman or batman needed to come stop this wind from blowing
and atticus said
"no dad, jesus can stop the wind"

sweetest bug
i love you

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Darek and Amberli said...

You're such a silly boy Atticus. You totally make me laugh. Which makes you laugh, which then makes me laugh harder. Around and around we go!