Tuesday, June 26, 2012

out with the old
warning: random post ahead


so you know how it's strangely satisfying and even feels oddly productive to pin lots of good ideas and recipes and DIY projects and whatever on pinterest, even if you never go back and actually do them? it just feels good to know that all that brilliance is there awaiting you if perchance you ever have need. and how it sort of feels like you just went on the best shopping spree ever when in reality you've just pinned all the fashion world's goodness onto your wish list board without spending a dime?
and perhaps you never think of it again but it still felt real good?

and then one night you find yourself chatting with your husband over enchiladas while your children
1) eat peacefully, so the adults can talk (dream),
2) refuse to eat and keep asking for cereal (more likely),
or 3) just run around and destroy the house (reality)
and your husband will mention something off hand about how he wants to add storage under the staircase
or how he needs to find an object lesson for sunday school
or how we need more creative kid foods that our kids will actually eat and you find yourself shouting
"i"ve pinned that! i've pinned that!"
and lo and behold a pinterest pin is carried to fruition?
that feels even better.

here's the truth my friends - i am the queen of good intentions. i have all kinds of good intentions that involve organizing, and cleaning, and decorating, and DIY-ing, and cooking, and teaching, and blogging, and creating the masterpiece that is my life - in fact, feel free to refer to my pinterests board if you'd like a visual of all my good intentions. BUT, life is busy! and hectic. and really messy. and so my good intentions often get put on tomorrow's to do list, pretty much everyday. and for the most part that's ok because my time is spent meeting the immediate needs of my family and there just isn't always time (or energy) for all my good intentions. however - the therapist in me realized long ago that my inner emotional/spiritual even physical state often matches the physical environment around me. that means that when there is too much chaos around me there is likely too much chaos inside me and vice versa. so i've learned to keep my environment mostly tidy. and if' i'm feeling overwhelmed i can usually see that overwhelmed feeling all around me. and i know its time to tidy up, and organize and even (heaven forbid!)
and that is true therapy!!
throwing things away!

but here's the conflict - i'm a big believer in the whole

use it up
wear it out
make it do
or do without

and although this is a good rule of thumb to live by i find that what i end up with is a house full of partially used products, hidden clutter, clothes that i don't love (or maybe even hate) but can't get rid of because they are still usable, even though i might feel kind of gross wearing them, etc. etc. i feel guilty buying something new if i have a perfectly good usable something old at home. plus darek and i are both minimalists and for the most part not pack rats so i don't want to buy something if i have that same something at home even if that same something at home really needs to be replaced.
is this making any sense?

but here's the point:

all this usable - but not getting used - crap is out of here!
something must have a function and place for it to remain in my home
by function i mean literally - pots to cook, pens to write - as well as subjectively - pretty to look at, i love it, etc.
and by place i mean literally must belong somewhere and "somewhere" can't just mean the junk drawer
or whatever hot spot collects all the clutter that should be put somewhere it belongs, where ever that may be.
i'm even talking clothes, make up, lotions, etc. if i don't LOVE it, USE it, NEED it
it's GONE!

i want everything in my wardrobe to be something i like wearing
it doesn't have to be fancy, and definitely doesn't have to be expensive (i heart ROSS!)
but i have to love it or at least like it and feel good wearing it. and if a little more expensive white t-shirt fits the bill than that's what i'm going to buy because if you add up all the crappy white t-shirts i have but don't wear because they are slightly long or short or baggy or whatever then i'm sure that costs more than the one white shirt i love. same with work out clothes! and church clothes. and shoes!
i have a million pairs of shoes - i wear flip flops and TOMS regularly and occasionally cuter shoes for cuter occasions (and obviously church shoes) but that's it.
if i don't wear them, they are gone! 
even if they are cute!
because being cute shouldn't earn them a display spot in my closet.
it should earn them a display spot on my feet.

and obviously i think it's a good idea to store the kids' clothes to pass along to younger siblings but i have found that clothes i had for atticus that i never really had him wear because i loved other clothes better i've stored and passed down to beckett only to take it out of storage, wash it, hang it in beck's closet while he's in that size, rewash it, repack it and restore it having never put it on him because i loved other clothes better! ridiculous right?
all that effort in the name of "use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without" and he never even wore it! 

i can go on and on with examples
(half used boxes of pasta in the pantry, but i keep opening new boxes,
half used sauces in the fridge, half full bottles of shampoo or lotion or make up, on and on and on)
but since this post is already going on and on i'll just get to the point

it's time!
and i have the perfect pin for it!
(aha! she circles back around to her original rant of pinning good ideas)
and this week i printed THIS LIST from my handy dandy organizing pinterest board
and while i'm planning on personalizing it a little to meet my needs,
maybe even including cleaning out my email inbox
it's perfect!
and it's happening!
starting this week!

and this blog post is the first step
i'm committing to it
and declaring publicly
that i will no longer have crap in my house
or in my life

and i'm going to slowly but surely replace all that old crap with things i love and use and appreciate
and you can hold me to it and share all your brilliant thoughts and ideas 

and naturally - let us wrap up this rant with a little disclaimer:
this is all within reason. balance in all things. obviously i'm not going to throw away perfectly usable things if it doesn't need replacing.
i want to use up what i have and feel the satisfaction of throwing away empty containers before trying a new product, etc.
and of course, by "throwing away" i also mean donating to goodwill
if the item isn't for me but could be for someone else
and let's face it...everyone needs a junk drawer

and more than anything i think decluttering my physical environment
will do wonders for decluttering my psychological environment

anyone wanna jump on board?

Saturday, June 16, 2012



so last night we left the kids with a babysitter for date night
after atticus had gone to bed our babysitter was feeding and rocking kennedy but could hear atticus calling from his room
when she was finally able to go check on him he was no where to be found!
she checked the whole house
the backyard
the front yard
the garage
no where

she was freaking out
she kept calling and calling his name
and finally she heard him giggle

from under his bed!!!
that sneaky sneak was hiding under his bed the whole time
giving our poor babysitter a heart attack
i paid her extra

two nights ago he got up and made a very convincing case for himself
as to why he should be able to come downstairs and snuggle me for a while
 and trust me when he says, "i want to snuggle you" it pretty much just melts my heart right out of my chest
but i stayed strong
it was past bedtime so no downstairs snuggling
instead i just went into his room for snuggling
because let's be honest, how can i pass up the snuggling?

so we hung out for a while and had a nice long conversation about how he'll be five after his next birthday
and how he's going to get all kinds of spiderman stuff for his birthday and how there will be a
spiderman jump house again this year and a spiderman cake and spiderman, spiderman, spiderman
sounds like a serious party

then we sang twinkle twinkle little star for the 9,876,543rd time

and he had me rolling
i don't know where they come from but the funniest things come out of his mouth
and it's time to write some of them down


first a little atticus vocab:
"pock-sible" = popsicle
"hop-sible" = hospital

"see you next morrow" = see you later/tomorrow
"after one more dark and one more sunny" = tomorrow
"yesterday" = still means anything that happened more than an hour ago

a "hot sick" is a fever and he explained to me the other night how the sun
gave him some big germs so now he has a "hot sick" and really needs some medicine


he also recently got a quick view of my (ahem) i've-had-three-babies tummy and said,
"mom, i see that you are getting a baby in your tummy!"
 (no, i'm not pregnant...just still recovering from being pregnant)
he was so excited too! so positive that it would be another baby sister so then there would be
three boys (counting daddy, naturally) in the family and three girls (counting mommy)

whenever he needs to describe how long or short or big or small or whatever
something is he does it with his fingers
so he might be an inch hungry
or a foot wide tired
and don't forget that utah is two whole arm lengths drive away


i got home from running a couple mornings ago to find him making his own breakfast
cocopuffs (darek purchased them, i hid them, atticus found them)
of which he informed me "taste really good but look like poop."

atticus has been helping darek build a swingset in the back yard
and although it's done he asks darek every evening when he gets home to
"come out and build with me dad!"
he loves the swingset and for several mornings after building it
we would wake up and discover that atticus was out swinging
just swinging and swinging and swinging
who knows how long he'd been out there
maybe a couple hours

one night while building it was really windy and driving them crazy
darek said that superman or batman needed to come stop this wind from blowing
and atticus said
"no dad, jesus can stop the wind"

sweetest bug
i love you

Thursday, June 14, 2012

photo of the day


so...i've been waiting for my creative juices to kick in all day so i could come up with some brilliant post
that would make you so grateful that you decided to check in on my blog today
this is kind of the best i can come up with
you've got to admit though, that it's pretty great, right?
i mean check out those peek-a-boo eyes ~ to die for, no?

hmmm...since witty creativity is lacking i'll try for honest sentimentality
our week has dramatically improved since i had my crash-and-burn-and-share-it-on-the-blog monday
we've had some fun outings and play dates which always make life more enjoyable
thank you for the love shown us this week by way of comments, etc.
it feels so good to know that i'm not alone

in fact i think i may just be so bold as to share one comment a friend left me this week
because it touched my heart and put things into perspective and perhaps it will do the same for you as well
afterall, who am i to hoard all the goodness?
enjoy a little wisdom from Min at Min and Noah's Ark!

"Yep, I know all about the lonely while surrounded with chaos and noise!
I think God lets us feel alone in this quest of parenting so we find Him.
He is the ONLY one who can possibly see all you did today on behalf of your future warriors..."

so worth sharing, right?
now let's get out there and show them what we've got!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

the fish in our family


i went to utah for like a minute a couple months ago, leaving the boys home with darek,
and when i got back we had three new members of the family

fish number one
fish number two
and fish number three

atticus informed me immediately that fish number one was his,
fish number two was beckett's and fish number three was kennedy's


well, as is wont to happen with goldfish, the first twelve hours in the mccoy household killed fish number one
and the second twelve hours in the mccoy household killed fish number two
suddenly atticus rethought the situation and decided that fish number three actually belonged to him
sorry beck, sorry kennedy - no fish for you

as is also wont to happen with goldfish residing in the house, atticus was really excited and loved his fishy
and wanted to constantly feed it and talk to it and sing to it and help change it's water
for about twenty four hours
until he moved on to his next fascination
fishy forgotten

so who, i ask you, is now responsible for fish number three?

this, my friends, is why we do not own a dog, or a cat, or a hippopotamus or a giraffe
because then i would just have one more critter to take care of

and heaven help me if i haven't been trying to kill ole fish number three for weeks now
i change his water only when people will be at our house, which means he's swimming in a swamp most of the time
(although i do admit, his clean pretty bowl and little fishiness do look really cute on my plant shelf in the window)
he gulps and gulps and gulps to get oxygen thru his poor suffocated gills the one time a week i feel charitable enough to change his water
not to mention the week i starved him when we ran out of food and i figured his days were numbered anyway
and it wasn't worth a trip to the pet shop for a $1.39 canister of fish food
but then i felt sorry for starving the guy so again instead of simply making a trip to the store
i did ridiculous things like crumbling bread into his bowl, crunch chips into his water and offering him ritz crackers
but since he's a fish and not a duck none of this worked
 and yet he lived

i even conveniently pretended to not have realized that placing his bowl in my sunny plant window
could very well have boiled the poor sucker up for supper

so finally i bought him some food
and changed his water
and decided to call him my own

now i'm going to be real sad if he dies
the bug and his pink nails


so a couple years ago i painted atticus' nails black for halloween
and he's wanted his nails painted ever since

i can't paint my fingernails or toenails without him noticing and immediately asking that i paint his too
so what do we end up with? a four year old boy playing superhero-pirate-cowboy-dragon-slayer with pink nails
so i got wise
i spent 30 minutes and 30 dollars at walmart last weekend picking out "boy" colors
i came home and proudly announced to darek that i had bought boy color nail polishes for atticus
to which he replied, "there are no boy colors when it comes to nail polish."
i ignored him and painted my nails blue
and wouldn't you know it, the second atticus walked into my room the next morning he said
"MOM! where did you get those blue nails?? i want blue nails too!!"
worked like a charm

so we had matching blue nails
for a day...
until he found the one teeny tiny bottle of pink glittery nail polish

needless to say - my nails are still blue
his on the other hand, are not

i guess darek was right

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

i hereby declare a blog-a-thon! 


how are you? long time, no (consistent) blog
but that shall be remedied this week - for i hereby declare a blog-a-thon
on account of having uploaded one thousand, one hundred and eleven photos from my iphone yesterday
~ no joke ~
i'm thinking perhaps i should slap a few of those suckers up on this here blog
and i'm far too exhausted and overwhelmed and indifferent to organize them in any kind of sensible fashion
to create sensible blog posts - so instead i'm just going to randomly post and randomly blog so that we may all randomly enjoy
no rhyme, no reason
(well, there may be some rhyming)

first off - this picture - this lovely antique typewriter
(do you even know what a typewriter is? it's like a prehistoric iphone that existed in caveman days)
i got it at a yard sale - for FIVE dollars!! i know, deal of the century, right? i'm so proud

but putting my pride aside (see? rhyming) i'm not going to lie. life has not been easy lately.
i feel kind of lame saying that since i have no real major life issue that's making life tough
but nevertheless, tough it has been. i think it's just motherhood in general. so full of ups and downs.
how can i feel so lonely when i'm surrounded by these mini people twenty-four seven? and yet, sometimes motherhood feels lonely.
am i alone in this? i sure hope not, because then i would have a legitimate reason to feel lonely. ha!

the good news is that the ups out weigh the downs. my sweet kids try my patience but then they forgive me when i lose my patience. yesterday i just was not functioning like a normal human being and at lunch time i got mad at atticus. who even knows why? i'm sure it had something to do with him not being interested in eating while also torturing beckett but in any case i wasn't nice. then i took beckett upstairs and put him down for a nap and came out of beck's room prepared to confront atticus' resistance to naptime. but what did i find? atticus laying down in his room, lights off, all ready for nap, just waiting for me to tuck him in. this has never happened all the 56 months of his toddler life. there was not even a trace of feeling mad at me for being mad at him. only sweet atticus, being sweet and cutting me some serious slack, that i did not deserve. it melted my heart and made everything all right.
so that my friends, is what makes it all worth it
and that's worth blogging about


Friday, June 08, 2012

six months old

it's been a whole half of a year since this little lady exited the womb and entered the family
and i really can't remember what life was like without her
although i do remember that i blogged more often...
 and maybe slept more. but not much more so it's cool

anyway, my mom reminded me today that i haven't blogged in a while
so here we go!

i plopped her on a grass this evening for a few photos
and ironically got the best smiles during our practice shots
since as soon as i changed her out of her pajamas she got all confused about how it felt to sit on grass


 see what i mean?


but after the general fool-making of myself, i got some smiles
a good peek-a-boo to the face or smattering of kisses to the neck will always bring some good belly laughs

and don't miss her tiny elf ears - they always deserve extra love

so this sweet babe remains toothless
although with all the tooth-growing effort she made at four o'clock this morning
i thought surely today would be the day
but alas, i was wrong

all that sleeplessness and still no teeth


naturally she's chewing on everything she can possibly get her hands on these days
including the blueberry that beckett put in her mouth this week, which i had to fish out
that beck, such a good sharer. remember how he also put popcorn in her mouth one time?
yeah i've got to keep a close eye on that guy


she's also pulling and pulling and pulling hair
beck started crying last week when kennedy got a good grip on his hair
he did, however, give her a good old head butt two seconds before that so he had it coming

atticus laughed and laughed when i had to come to beck's rescue and save his locks from his sister's love grip
he thought it was so funny, in fact, that he decided to try it himself
he carefully knelt down beside her and bravely lowered his head onto her belly
naturally she got herself two huge handfuls of hair and suddenly i was rescuing atticus too
that's when he decided it wasn't so funny after all


she weighed in at a whopping 18 lbs, 2 oz at her check up this week
and is 25 1/4 inches long
that's right - soft and snuggly and oh so roley poley

and she is indeed roley poley-ing all around the house these days
exploring and chewing on everything she finds
a current favorite hang out is next to the entertainment center where she can reach a pull on one of the drawers
she just grabs that puppy and clanks it around all day long

she's also super babbley and i'm not going to lie - i love every second of it
chitty chat away girlfriend because it warms my heart every time you do!

oh yeah, and she's been practicing her pirate face so she can keep up with her big pirate brothers


she's just a happy sweet girl, always smiling and giggling
every time i pick her up she immediately snuggles into me and often grabs my face and tries to eat it
it's all very sweet and tender and scratchy and slobbery just like it should be
what can i say? i'm smitten
i love you KG