Friday, May 11, 2012

FIVE months old

FOUR to eight hour stretches of sleep at night

THREE road trips with mommy

TWO crazy big brothers who LOVE her

ONE single solitary pacifier that she'll take...that they don't make anymore!
so the few we have are sacred, to say the least

and finally
ZERO teeth, although drooling like crazy!

also ZERO solids...i need to get on that

sweet baby kennedy is such an angel baby, just mellow and chill all the time.
she's been so great on the road trips with me although last weekend on our quick overnight in CA she woke up teething (though still toothless) and despite the fact that i am the always-over-prepared-mom i didn't have any tylenol so it was a 2am trip to rite aid for us! such a classic parenting moment. i realized, in fact, that all three of my children have grown a tooth (or started to grow a tooth) on different road trips so she must have heard that this was a family tradition from her brothers and decided to follow suit.

her most common nickname at this point is kennedy girl which i usually shorten to KG.
for you non-celtics fans out there, KG is one of their players, so even though i feel a little weird that my daughter has his nickname it also seems fitting given that darek is a big fan. plus i figure it's better than kenny g which also comes out of my mouth occasionally. i find it ironic that if you shorten my boy's names, they turn into girl's names - atti and becki - and if you shorten my daughter's name it turns into a boy's name - kenny.
people at the park always seem confused...

so that's my girl, growing up so fast! six months old is just around the corner and i really can't believe it. that's like turning 20 in baby years.
she'll be turning cartwheels and texting boys before i know it!

sure love you kennedy girl!

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JS said...

She is a doll!
I just know her and Quincy would be friends. :)