Sunday, May 13, 2012

being a mom
happy mother's day to all you ladies out there
so i haven't even blogged easter yet but if i don't slap up these mother's day pics before this day ends,
i could be a grandmother before it ever happens

every year i ask darek to try to get a cute picture with my kids and i...and every year he tries
it's usually the kids who are not on board with this plan

the practice shot...
(and it didn't get much better from here)

note atticus eating watermelon
kennedy tipping over
and beck over it before it even began

the whole time i thought it was beck who wasn't cooperating because he was so wiggly
but it turned out to be atticus' watermelon that led to our ultimate demise

and when beck did look
kennedy tipped
and atticus ate

so after ten shots of kennedy tipping and atticus eating
we finally got this one and had to call it good - with atticus mid chew


 oh well, there's always next year
thanks for trying handsome hub
and thanks for the roses and the nothing bundt cake
and the chick flicks and the breakfast and the lunch and the dinner
and the new pots and pans and blender and knives and everything
for restocking my ten year old kitchen with new stuff!
it's so great! and you're so great! and i love you!
thanks for making me a mommy!

so i really love being a mother. i mean really love it
but here's the truth - it's the most exhausting thing i've ever done
i find myself constantly wondering when i'll get caught up on sleep
and cooking
and cleaning
and every other thing-ing i'm supposed to be doing
and the time has come to admit...
that i won't

it's a lot of hard work
and i'm aging by the minute
but it's oh so worth it, and i'm so grateful to be doing it!

i love these little whipper snappers like i've never loved anyone in my life
they melt my heart
and keep me up at night
and laugh like crazy
and sometimes cry like crazy
and make huge messes
and snuggle me on the couch
and tell me they love me
and refuse to eat anything i cook
and ask me to sing songs
and sit on my lap
and drool on me
and draw me pictures
and scream with joy when they see me after school/church
and come running to me
and give me kisses
and it's all worth it
i love being a mom

and being mother's day and all i decided to knock something off my mothering to do list
and introduce the wee lass to solids

but first we must admire this picture of her side rolls
looks like a stack of yummy, fluffy pancakes

and the oatmeal begins
i've held off on starting her on solids because let's be honest, it's just one more mess to clean up
throughout the day. however the poor girl has been staring at us while we eat and begging for bites
for months so alas, the time has come. welcome to the world of big people eating sweet child.
it only gets yummier from here on out

since i started her a little later than the boys there was much less mess. woo hoo!
instead of pushing it all back out of her mouth right away she actually swallowed
most of it and got the hang of it really quickly. so advanced, that little kennedy girl

and no surprise here - she LOVED it

and also no surprise - i had a little helper who wanted to take a turn feeding baby sister

and naturally there can be no mother's day post without sending out some serious love to my mom
have i already told you that she's the coolest? yes, i know that i have but it's worth repeating
she's just chill and cool and down to earth and easy to be around
no pressure, no stress
i love her

i scrolled through my phone pics to find this cute one of my parents and the hobbits the last time they were in town
see? so fun! i love you mom and dad - i'm a lucky girl to have parents like you.
thank you for all the years of love and support! i wouldn't be me without you!


and while scrolling through the millions of iphone pics i found some mommy moments that i don't think have every graced the blog

atticus and i wearing my summer hats
pretending to go to the kentucky derby


holding a sleeping baby k


and kissing the beckmiester
i love his kisses. i ask him for one about ten times a day and he always thinks about it first
"hmmmm...yep!" and he puckers up for me. occasionally it's a "hmmmm...nope!" and he runs away
leaving me kiss-less. those are sad moments but make his "yep" moments all the more sweet.


and one more with the snuggling k
apparently any pictures that exist of me were taking by me in the mirror
oh well, i've got to record these sweet moment somehow


i hope all of you had a happy day!

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Trisha said...

My goodness...your kids are getting SO big. They are adorable. :)